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Dr. Moser

Dr. Moser


This month, Dr. Moser answers your questions about adding canned food to a dry diet and the feeding for a multi-cat household.

Q:  I have 2 dogs and I feed them both Wellness dog food. One is on Wellness Simple Food Solutions Rice & Duck Formula and the other on Wellness Super5Mix Whitefish and Sweet Potato Recipe. Can I use the new Wellness Stews canned food in place of these foods or as a topper?

A: The Wellness Stews (chunks and gravy recipes) are complete and balanced for all life stages; they can replace a current Wellness diet that you are feeding.  When changing diets always measure the current amount of calories being fed per pet per day.  Adjust the pet’s caloric intake on the new feeding program as needed.  If your dog is overweight and less active, feed fewer calories. If your dog is very lean and highly active, feed more calories.

Calorie reference:

Wellness Whitefish and Sweet Potato canned food is about 335 kcal per 12.5 ounce can.

Wellness Beef Stew with Carrots and Potato is about 362 calories per 12.5 ounce can.

Q:  I have two kittens one is 11 months old and approx 11 lbs and the other is 8 months old and approx. 6 lbs. I’m currently feeding them the Wellness Kitten Health Recipe. I know that once they hit a year old to change them to adult food. My question is when should I switch them? My older cat is 11 lbs. he’s not exactly fat (just a big boy) whereas the other is just naturally small and younger. I obviously have to change them over the same time because I wouldn’t be able to monitor who was eating what. When would you recommend making the switch? Thanks!

A: After about 10 to 12 months of age, a cat food designed for kitten growth (Wellness Kitten Health Recipe) often is too calorie dense- and can lead to weight gain when overfed to less active adult cats; whose calorie needs are less.  Therefore, adults are often transitioned to more specialized cat food for their particular adult lifestyle (Wellness Health Weight Recipe) and unique nutrient or ingredient need (Wellness CORE Fish & Fowl Recipe).

It is impossible to monitor and regulate calorie intake in individual cats when free choice feed is available in a multi cat household.  You will have to feed your cats separately to assure that the small cat receives enough calories to maintain a healthy body weight and the larger cat doesn’t overeat and become obese.

Measure the amount of food you are offering and weigh the cats on a scale.  Keep a record of feed intake and of body weight over time.

Nutrition and Canned Dog Food

15 Reasons to Consider Adding Canned Food to Your Dog’s Diet

Highly Active Dogs Enjoy the Added Benefits of Canned Food

Highly Active Dogs Enjoy the Added Benefits of Canned Food

Canned dog foods have many benefits for optimal nutrition that every pet parent should consider for their beloved dog.

Canned food formulas for Dogs:

  1. Palatability – Some dogs prefer canned food over better dry formulas. Canned dog foods are extremely palatable making them a great choice for picky eaters.
  2. Decreased Stool Volume – Dogs fed canned food tend to have a lower stool volume when feeding a canned diet.
  3. Convenience – It’s a time saver on rushed morning to just open the can for quick feeding.
  4. For Highly Active Dogs – Many young and active dogs require large amounts of calories in order to grow and maintain a vigorous life style. The little Jack Russell Terrier that runs two inches off the ground at all times, investigating the slightest activity, may need additional calories above the amounts in some dry formulas.
  5. As a Complement to Dry Food – Complete and balance canned formulas can be fed alone or as a complement to the dry diet.
  6. For Senior Dogs – Older dogs some times loose interest in eating and pet parents become concerned about how to stimulate their appetite. Canned foods are very palatable and will generally work well to encourage better eating enthusiasm.
  7. To Disguise Medications – Many pets, especially senior dogs take regular medication. Canned foods offer an easy and convenient way to disguise medications and reduce the stress of giving a pill for both the pet and the pet parent.
  8. For a Rotational Diet – Many dog owners like to provide a variety in their pet’s diet. Rotating the different varieties of canned foods is a convenient and nutritious way to do that every day.
  9. Variety is the Spice of Life – Moist foods come in multiple flavors and in different textures and packages. Use a variety of flavors to keep your dog interested in his food at all times.
  10. As a Nutritious Reward – Many pet parents like to offer a nutritious reward for their dog as a thank you for all they give back to us each and every day. Wellness canned food formulas are a great reward for a well behaved dog.
  11. To Increase Water Intake – Feeding moist food is a good way to increase the daily water intake of a pet. The water content of canned foods is usually about 70 to 78 %; with pouches containing more water at 82%.
  12. For Thin Dogs – Moist foods contain high levels of meat and are often used to enhance the fat and protein content of dry foods without adding excess carbohydrate or fiber.
  13. Longer Shelf Life – Canned foods are preserved with heat sterilization and vacuumed preservation in an oxygen free environment.
  14. For Dry Skin & Coat – Moist foods are often fed to animals with dull dry skin and coat condition to benefit the additional protein and essential fatty acids.
  15. To Address Food Sensitivities – Some canned foods are designed for pets suspected of having food sensitivity issues. Our Wellness Simple canned recipes feature limited ingredients and grain free options.

Wellness canned foods are an excellent choice for addressing all of the above benefits. In addition, the diverse Wellness canned food varieties are an ideal complement to dry formulas or as a complete and balanced diet fed alone.Take the time to review the varieties of Wellness® canned diets for dogs and choose the right formula to enhance the nutrition for your cherished pet.

Carly Jean’s Story

Since we live in a digital age, there is something very special we feel at Wellness when we receive a hand written testimonial letter. So, when we read Carly Jean’s story (sent in by pet parent Marianne Wilson) yesterday, we just had to scan it in and share her True Wellness™ story with all our loyal pet parents out there. Introducing the incredible Carly Jean, service dog and furry family member extraordinaire. What is Carly Jean’s food of choice you might be wondering? See in the photo below of Carly posed with a bag of Wellness® CORE® Grain-Free Original Recipe for Dogs, her favorite.

Carly Jean loves her Wellness CORE Original

Carly Jean loves her Wellness CORE Original

Wilson, Marianne front of letterWilson, Marianne back of letter