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Obesity Prevention for Pets

Keeping Pets at a Healthy Weight

Keeping a healthy weight is as important for our pets as it is for us!

If you think obesity is an epidemic that affects only people, you may be barking up the wrong tree. Pets also have to watch their weight. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 44 percent of dogs and 57 percent of cats are overweight or obese and that percentage is rising, with older animals displaying an even higher incidence of falling victim to those extra pounds. Veterinarians report overweight pets are also more likely to suffer from arthritis, heart and respiratory diseases, liver disease, skin problems, hip and joint disorders and diabetes.

“Just as for people, eating right and getting exercise are fundamental to a pet’s health and true well being,” says board-certified veterinary nutritionist Edward Moser, MS, VMD, DACVN. “Paying attention to the ingredients and amount of food that your pet consumes, along with increasing their activity levels, will help the pounds come off and stay off.”

To help fat cats and pudgy pooches slim down, Dr. Moser says owners should choose a balanced diet with ingredients that can help naturally solve this challenging health problem. Like those recipes offered by Wellness® Natural Pet Food. For those plump feline friends, Wellness Healthy Weight  Dry Cat Food is just the remedy. This special lower calorie recipe is formulated to help them achieve their weight loss goals. A healthy blend of fiber satisfies hunger and guaranteed levels of glucosamine and chondroitin support overburdened hips and joints. For health striving canines, Wellness® Healthy Weight Deboned Chicken & Peas Recipe Dry Dog Food is a satisfying, lower-calorie blend of ingredients that helps less active dogs maintain a healthy body weight and overweight dogs lose weight. And it satisfies dogs’ appetites with increased fiber, reduced fat and a lower calorie count.

Instituting a controlled eating plan is a step in the right direction down your pet’s path to achieving wellbeing, but increasing your pet’s activity level is sure to help too. Exercise is essential for a pet’s happy and long life. It doesn’t have to be strenuous, but regular exercise is key. Setting aside a period of time each day for your pet’s physical activity helps encourage a routine with your pet and also gives them something to look forward to. Take your dog for frequent walks and be certain your cat has room to romp. That can help them burn off excess calories. “Remember, 2 extra pounds on a small dog can be like 20 extra pounds on a person,” says Dr. Moser. “It’s important to watch your pet’s weight.”


Sally from Wikes Barre Township, PA wrote to let us know that her dog just loves Wellness Chicken & Sweet Potato Natural Canned Dog Food Recipe. When we saw this photo of Daisy, we knew we had to share it with other Wellness fans out there.  Check out Daisy, sitting happily in a daisy patch. How adorable and how fitting with her name.

A big thanks to Daisy’s pet parent Sally for sharing this with us!

Daisy Poses for the Camera in a Daisy Garden!

Daisy Poses for the Camera in a Daisy Patch!

August Ask the Vet

Dr. Moser

Dr. Moser

This month, Dr. Moser answers your questions about helping a dog with digestive issues and selecting an adult food for a 1 year old puppy.

Q: We own a Biewer Terrier that weighs 3 lb. 11 oz. and is 2 1/2 yrs. old. She has a very touchy digestive system and gets gastroenteritis on a regular basis. We feed Wellness Super5Mix for Small Breeds in the morning, and canned (Venison & Sweet Potato or Duck & Sweet Potato) in the evening. She gets a treat in the evening (Wellness Pure Rewards Chicken & Lamb Jerky). Nothing else is fed to her, no table scraps, etc. Still she gets terribly growling stomach which leads to diarrhea. Her stool has been checked for parasites. Due to her small size, we are always concerned about dehydration when this flairs up. Any suggestions?

A: Some dogs develop allergies, sensitivities or intolerances to commonly used dietary proteins and food additives which can result in gastrointestinal discomfort and diarrhea.  I recommend a dietary elimination trial using a canned Wellness Simple Food Solutions diet for about 8 weeks.

Wellness Simple Food Solutions is designed to aid in the nutritional management of this issue with a one protein: one carbohydrate diet plan.  (Compare the simplicity of the ingredient panel with any other dog food– including Wellness Super5Mix).  This special natural recipe drastically limits the number of ingredients your dog is exposed to daily.

Since your dog has been exposed to duck and lamb ingredients in the past year, I would recommend Simple Food Solutions Salmon and Rice Formula canned canine diet for the elimination trial as the sole source of nutrition.  Nothing else is to be fed.  Eliminate the use of the dry diet, and the evening treat.

Feed small frequent meals –at least two to three times per day.   Monitor dietary response by recordings in a journal; note days your pet experiences digestive upset as well as days with stool that is not normally well formed.

A 3.11 pound Biewer Terrier dog requires about 200 kcal of energy per day to maintain body weight.  The Simple Food Solutions Salmon and Rice Formula canned canine diet contains about 471 kcal of energy per 12.5 ounce can.  In a day you should offer about 40-45% of the can.  Don’t overfeed.

Remember to weigh the dog – feed less if it is gaining unwanted weight and more if losing weight.

Q: My one year old border collie/husky mix is on Wellness puppy formula. When should I feed him adult wellness and what would be good for him?

A: Now is a good time to switch from a Wellness puppy diet to a Wellness diet directed at the maintenance of an adult dog.   Most veterinarians recommend switching when the puppy reaches about 80% of anticipated adult body weight or at 1 year of age.

Within the Wellness line of natural canine foods you have choices; Complete Health Super5Mix, CORE Grain Free, and Simple Food Solutions.  Canned and dry foods are available for all of these recommended Wellness dry dog food recipes.  Remember each dog is an individual and response to diet will vary from dog to dog.  Try different products and monitor the response; coat and skin softness and sheen, activity level, the presence of a small amount of firm stool, etc.

Score your dog on weight and body condition monthly to evaluate the amount of food you are offering. If the dog is too thin—feed more; too fat—feed less.  In addition overfeeding can result in soft stools.  Remember– when a dog is neutered, there is a decrease in the daily energy needs of individuals by as much as 25%–you will need to feed less.

Feed adults at least two meals per day—don’t free choice feed.

A great diet to try on your dog would be Wellness CORE Grain Free Ocean Dog Food Recipe.  It has enhanced levels of protein from fish (34%), moderate (14%) fat that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, and increased crude fiber (7%).  A cup of this food has 430 kcal of energy; two cups is usually sufficient to maintain body weight in a 35 pound dog.  As a point of comparison:   your current food, Wellness Just for Puppy dry dog food, contains about 450 kcal of energy per cup.

Wellness Patriotic Pets

Check out some of our furry Wellness fans showing a little 4th of July holiday spirit.

Enjoy and have a happy and safe 4th of July everyone!

American Tucker

American Tucker

Milo Celebrates the 4th!

Milo Celebrates the 4th!

Mandy poses with the flag

Mandy poses with the flag

Lizzie wears a blue harness with white stars to show her holiday spirit!

Lizzie wears a blue harness with white stars to show her holiday spirit!

Share Wellness Pet Food with Your Friends

We know how enthusiastic our loyal Wellness fans are about our pet food. We regularly hear from pet parents who say that neighbors and friends have commented on how shiny and beautiful their pet’s coats are, and want to know “what are you feeding him?”. We love hearing this because it is a great opportunity to spread the word about Wellness. The results speak for themselves!

You belong to a very special community of pet parents dedicated to providing optimum nutrition to your cherished pets. By feeding Wellness, you understand the importance of giving dogs and cats carefully chosen, authentic ingredients in balanced combinations that support a pet’s health. We call this True Wellness™.

Now, we’ve created an easy way for you to invite others to try Wellness Pet Food, and will reward you for doing so.

Share True Wellness is our new online referral program, where our promise isFree Samples for Them, Great Savings for You.”

* If 1 or 2 friends request a sample, you’ll receive a $4.00 Wellness e-coupon.

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Here’s how it works:

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– We’ll track which of your referrals request free samples. The more that do, the bigger Wellness savings offer you earn. Learn more about these rewards in our program rules.

Thank you for helping us Share True Wellness.

Your friends at,

Wellness Natural Food for Pets

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* See program rules for complete details.

Ever Wish Your Pet Could Talk?

pet postsEver wish your dog or cat would talk to you on facebook? Who doesn’t?

Pet Posts by Wellness lets you get and create wall posts from your pet!

Set up a customized profile that fits your pet’s personality, and your pal will be posting in no time. We are excited that there are already almost 200 pet parents who using our pet posts application on facebook. So come on over and join the conversation!

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Wellness Take Your Dog to Work Day

We look forward to this day every year. At Wellness our pets are our motivation everyday, so having them here for Take Your Dog to Work Day is a special treat for all of us. We want our furry family members to be completely comfortable during their visit so we indulge them with special amenities including doggy massages, games, nail clippings and Wellness treats.

We are already looking forward to next year, but in the meantime we invite you to sit back and relax and enjoy some cute moments from our day.