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October Ask the Vet

Dr. Moser

Dr. Moser

This month, Dr. Moser answers your questions about a dog with allergies and feeding 3 corgis to meet their individual  needs.

Q: My dogs scratches and itches a lot, she is a 10 year old mixed terrier, I have had her to a veterinarian hospital because of her food allergies. She is currently on Wellness Duck & Rice dry food, she still scratches and itches some, one of my vets told me to feed fish or duck, what would you suggest?

A: According to veterinary dermatologists, the five most common conditions that contribute to pruritis (itch) in dogs are: parasitic infestations, secondary bacterial overgrowth, secondary yeast overgrowth, atopic dermatitis and adverse reaction to food or food allergy.

Remember that dogs may be affected by more than one of these factors concurrently—all contributing to reach the itch threshold.

I suggest a switch to the Wellness® Simple Food Solutions® Rice & Salmon Formula.  Feed one half of the calories as wet food and one half the calories as dry kibble.  Keep a notebook recording regular observations on bouts of discomfort caused by itching or gastrointestinal upset.  This trial period should last at least 6 weeks.

Remember –Simple Solutions Formula is to be the sole source of nutrition for the pet.  No treats or table food.

Q: We have three Corgi’s that all eat 2/3 cup of food two times a day, but one is several lbs. heavier in weight. What can we do? All are on Wellness CORE grain free food.

A: You are feeding each dog 1 1/3 cups of Wellness® CORE® Original Formula per day (2/3 cups twice daily).  This is about 560 kilocalories ME or about enough for a 21 pound dog.

Before you start- weigh the dogs and body score them.

To keep dog one and two the same weight, feed the same amount.  For some weight loss in dog three, feed less.  The recommendation listed below reduces dog three calorie intake by almost 25%.  You should see weight loss.

Feed dog 1:  2/.3 cups twice daily

Feed dog 2:  2/3 cups twice daily

Feed overweight dog 3:  1/2 cup twice daily. (reduced intake)

Continue to monitor body weight on a scale.