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August 2012 Ask the Vet

This month, Dr. Moser answers your questions about a cat with a bacterial infection, and helping your dog slim down to a heathy weight.

Q: My 3 year old cat has a bacterial urinary tract infection. Which Wellness natural products do you recommend for her?

A: Since they have a higher percent moisture, I would recommend trying Wellness® Cubed, Sliced and Minced canned cat food recipes. This will maximize the water intake for your cat, therefore increasing the urine volume excreted.

To make a diagnosis of a bacterial urinary tract infection, bacteria need to be observed in or cultured from the urine. The proper antibiotic is chosen for use based on antibiotic sensitivity testing. Detection of bacteria in the urine samples of young cats (under age 7) with adequately concentrated urine only occurs in a very small percentage of patients. Ask your vet to help you arrive at an accurate diagnosis of the urinary problem and to develop a treatment plan.

Q: My dog needs to lose weight. Can you suggest a daily regimen to help him get on track to a healthier weight?

A: Helping your dog slim down should begin with a sound dietary program and daily exercise to gradually reduce the body weight of your dog. As with humans, it’s best to lose weight at a slow and steady pace until your pet’s target weight is reached.

Choosing a diet with high quality protein can be helpful in maintaining lean body mass and helping your dog feel satisfied with fewer calories. A protein focused diet also aids in reducing the loss of lean body mass and facilitating loss of body fat.

And remember, combine your pet’s diet change with a regular exercise program to keep your pet healthy, happy and at his healthiest weight. Diets like Wellness® Super5Mix® Healthy Weight for dogs provides whole-body nutritional support for healthy weight loss and weight maintenance.

Tips for End of Summer Fun with Pets

To make the most of the summer months, it is important to take advantage of the remaining lazy summer days and enjoy some quality time with your pets. Summer brings not only warm, sunny days, but the days are also longer with extended daylight hours. Now is the time to take advantage of this, before you know it the cold months will be upon us again.
Below are a few suggestions for taking advantage of the remaining summertime and having some fun with your pets:
Swimming – Dogs are natural born swimmers. They love the beach, lake or just a family pool. While cats may be much more leery of the water, the hotter it gets the more likely your cat will be willing to join you for a dip.
Baseball Game – During the summer baseball games are everywhere. Whether in the park or ball field, your pet will enjoy the excitement of attending a sporting event. You may even want to pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it.
Camping – This outdoor activity has all of a dog’s favorite things: the outdoors, swimming, Frisbee and more.
Boating – Many pets enjoy a trip out in the boat on hot summer days. The cool breeze keeps thing pleasurable and the scenery will keep your pet occupied. Always remember to put a life jacket on your pet when in a boat.
Whatever activity you choose to do with your pet during the summer months the key is to be safe and spend quality time together, enjoying the weather and the outdoors. Your pet will appreciate it!