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10 Great Reasons to Rescue a Shelter Cat


Every year six to eight million dogs and cats enter shelters. Three to four million of them are euthanized, mainly due to overcrowding. Approximately 70% of these euthanized animals are cats. The following are ten great reasons to adopt a shelter cat:

  • You will be helping, rather than contributing, to the problem of pet overpopulation.
  • Adopting a shelter cat is much less expensive than adopting a cat from a breeder.
  • You are supporting a good cause. Shelters are focused on the animal’s interests as opposed to a breeder or pet stores that are making a profit.
  • Most cats adopted at shelters are already spayed or neutered. They have also usually been wormed and are up to date on their vaccinations.
  • Adult cats are much less maintenance. Most adult shelter cats are already litter box trained and have some basic training.
  • The shelter’s trained adoption staff will work with you to find the right pet for your family.
  • There are fewer surprises when you adopt a shelter cat. The animal’s temperament has already been evaluated by shelter staff.
  • You will set a positive example for others who may decide to follow suit and also adopt a shelter cat.
  • You will be providing a safe and happy home for a neglected or under privileged cat that deserves a forever home.
  • You will save a life!

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