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Ever Wish Your Pet Could Talk?

pet postsEver wish your dog or cat would talk to you on facebook? Who doesn’t?

Pet Posts by Wellness lets you get and create wall posts from your pet!

Set up a customized profile that fits your pet’s personality, and your pal will be posting in no time. We are excited that there are already almost 200 pet parents who using our pet posts application on facebook. So come on over and join the conversation!

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2 Responses to “Ever Wish Your Pet Could Talk?”

  1. n impey says:

    I think pets don’t have as many food allergies as owners think, rather many pet foods – including so called premium brands – are made from poor quality ingredients and fillers that are difficult to digest and have poor nutritional values. Just as we don’t feel well after too many sweets, junk food, and gain weight from a poor diet, our pets can suffer from poor diets as well.
    Since changing to Wellness, I’ve noted a huge improvement in my dog’s atopic dermatitis as the diet has boosted his natural immune system and he’s medication free. Plus both dogs have dropped the extra pounds they were packing which I believe was caused by the corn and grain fillers in their old food, which is how livestock is fattened on feedlots.
    Wellness wasn’t kidding on the feeding instructions where they caution that pet’s will want to overeat when fed Wellness. My dogs have always loved to eat but with Wellness, they’re as excited about mealtime as they are to go bye-bye!

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