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Halloween Safety for Pets

465Follow these top tips to keep your pet safe and happy this Halloween!

  • Using flameless candles in pumpkins helps to avoid potentially harmful accidents.
  • Make sure to keep all candy out of reach of a curious nose.  Potentially dangerous ingredients used in human candies include sweeteners (such as Xylitol), chocolate and macadamia nuts. Be sure to have plenty of high-quality, natural dog treats, such as Wellness® WellBars® or WellBites® for dogs on hand for your furry friend to enjoy instead.
  • Doorbell anxiety is common among dogs and can lead to barking and aggression which can ruin the night for you, your dog and any trick-or-treaters that come to the door.  You can help your dog get used to the sound of the doorbell by doing some “practice runs” a few days before Halloween.  Have someone stand outside and ring the doorbell, and if your dog barks, calm him or her in a soothing voice and consider offering a small treat as a reward. Repeat this exercise until your furry friend realizes the doorbell is a good thing, not something to be scared of.
  • If you plan on dressing up your pet, make sure the costume does not interfere with his or her vision, hearing or breathing. Costumes should be lightweight and not too tight.  Also, loose or dangling accessories or details can present a choking hazard for your pet. Make sure to snip loose threads, beads or other hanging items before dressing your pet.
  • Although it may not match their costume, make sure your pet is wearing an ID.  With the door opening and closing all evening, curious pets may try to sneak outside and join the festivities. Reflective leashes, collars or stickers on their costumes are also a great way to help keep pets safe.

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