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How to Prepare for Take Your Dog to Work Day- June 20th

Some workplaces are doggie-friendly year round while others wait for the annual event to make pooches welcome in the office. Here at Wellness, we’re lucky enough to get to bring our dogs to the office once a month. But one of our favorite office holidays is National Take Your Dog to Work Day which takes place this year on Friday, June 20. On this day, we offer special services for spoiled pooches such as doggie massage and grooming. Plus, if the weather is nice we spend plenty of time outside with our pups, letting them meet and greet with each other, play fetch, and explore the lovely office grounds.

If you’d like your pooch to participate in Take Your Dog to Work Day on June 20st, these are some things to consider:

1)      Make sure your workplace is participating. Talk with your supervisor and co-workers to make sure everyone’s onboard before you show up with Max. Some offices will want to see proof of vaccinations or may have other paperwork for you to fill out ahead of time.

2)      The temperament of your pet. Some dogs (and workplaces) are better-suited than others. For example, if your dog is aggressive toward strangers, or gets intimidated and overwhelmed by other dogs, you may want to leave him at home. On the other hand, if your dog likes meeting new people and dogs it should be a good match. What about your dog’s energy level? Depending on what type of workload you have, it may not be best to bring your pup into the office if he’ll be pacing all day and yearning to get outside.

Once you have the OK:

3)      Doggie-proof your workspace. Your dog might want to chew on hanging cords or mistake that stack of files for a bathroom location. Spend a few minutes relocating plants and cleaning up books, papers, stray markers and anything else that may look tempting. It’s also a great idea to bring a baby or pet gate along with you to keep at the entrance of your office/cube while your pup is there.

4)      Give your dog a bath or have him groomed a day or two beforehand. A clean dog is always appreciated, and will look extra charming in those office photos!

5)      Bring bowls, food and treats. Your dog will get hungry, just like you. Plus, treats can be a good motivator to reclaim your pet’s attention if he’s excited.

6)      Bring a towel or your pet’s favorite dog bed. This will cue her to settle in and relax.

Allow a few extra minutes at the start of the work day to allow your dog to smell the surroundings and get comfortable with the environment. Put out a bowl of fresh water, arrange your dog bed and let your co-workers greet your pet. Once the initial excitement is over and everyone settles down, your dog should too.

Studies show dog-friendly workplaces can reduce stress, enhance employee interactions and boost morale.

Here are some fond memories of past Take Your Dog to Work Days at WellPet—enjoy!:

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