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Top 10 Pet Resolutions

If your pet made New Year’s resolutions, what do you think she’d put on the list? We decided to have a little fun and offer a few ideas:

From the Dog:

This will be the year I…

1. Finally catch a squirrel!

How dare they always run up a tree? I know, I’ll set a trap for them. I’ll leave a bone in plain view and hide by the bush. Then, when they come down…

2. Get more walks (or runs)

It’s time to really lose this weight. And, since sitting is the new smoking, I figure Mom and Dad can get in on the action too.  Come on, let’s go!

3. Learn to operate the car window

Rides are fun but rides with my head out the window make me feel at one with nature. I love feeling the wind blow through my fur.

4. Stop choosing the rug


As the recipient for my tummy issues. Yes, it holds in the scent far better than the bare floor but the humans don’t seem to appreciate my efforts.

5. Learn to open the refrigerator

Seriously. There’s so much goodness in there and I know my people want to share. I think I can get the cat to work with me on this one.

From the cat…

1. Stop guarding the stairs

OK, maybe I’ll still guard them but I won’t pounce on the dog when he needs to pass. This one’s gonna be hard because he’s such a scaredy cat. Get it? The dog’s a scaredy cat! LOL, I crack myself up.

2. Stop re-enacting Pamplona’s Running with the Bulls

At least I’ll refrain from doing it at 3 a.m. across their chests. I’m good like that.

3. I will not liberate the goldfish

It never goes well. Especially for me. I am wet and usually locked up somewhere. Plus, I never get the fish.

4. Stop stealing the dog’s bed

Listening to the dog’s fitful whimpers when I claim his bed for my own doesn’t bring the same level of excitement that it used to. Alas, I’ll just have to take up permanent residence on the kitchen table from now on. The humans won’t like that very much…

5. Indulge the humans

When I lounge in the clean laundry, they’re able to take a little bit of me with them everywhere because my fur coats their clothes. This seems to make them very happy because they always get a little excited whenever I do it. What’s not to love?

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