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Wellness Pets: Best of 2013

It’s almost the end of the year, but before we welcome 2014, we decided to look back at the photos that Wellness Pet Food fans shared with us on Facebook in 2013. We were so impressed with what we found that we decided to share our favorites. Since they didn’t have to spend any time looking for nutritious food :), these cats and dogs had plenty of time to focus on their eclectic talents!

We give you, “Wellness Pets: Best of 2013”:

1. Best Bedhead:

Best Bedhead

Even with an entire aisle of hair care products, we couldn’t replicate this kitten’s coiffure! Tousled just perfectly, this cat’s bedhead style is the perfect fusion of high-fashion and fun. This hairstyle was clearly the result of an afternoon spent sleeping on the windowsill–a perfect excuse for taking a good long nap!

2. Best Break-In Attempt:
Best Break-in attempt

We don’t condone excess feeding, but we’ve got to credit this clever cat for nearly breaking into a bag of Wellness Pure Delights cat treats! When interviewed about his technique, the cat said, “I bite and claw the bag, then I snag those delicious turkey and salmon morsels!”

3. Best Hiding Spot:

Best Hiding Spot

This hiding spot is superior for many reasons: 1. Camouflage, 2. Aromatherapy, 3. Breakfast, 4. Lunch, 5. Dinner, 6. Dessert

4. Best Model Pose:

Best Model Pose

Haven’t these dogs mastered the over-the-shoulder, “Oh, me?” look perfectly? The next time we see them, they’ll likely be featured in an ad campaign for a luxury doggie perfume. Ah, some were just born to be in front of the camera!

5. Best Security Guard:

Best Security Guard

Did the dog chew on those sneakers? This cat knows. Did someone tip-toe downstairs for a midnight snack? This cat knows. Master of her domain, this cat will keep a watchful eye out for any intruders; just don’t try opening a can of tuna near her unless you’re prepared to share.

6. Best Slow Dancer

Best Slow Dancer

Maybe it’s just us, but we think this dog has near-perfect form. She even manages to keep an appropriate distance from her partner, much to the surprise of high-school dance chaperones everywhere. Book your ballroom lessons now!

7. Best Use of a Box:

Best Use of Box

These felines give new meaning to the expression, “If it fits, I sits.” These cat-ortionists do however abide by a few rules when using their box: 1. Trim your toe claws before getting in, 2. We only fits before we eat our breakfast, 3. No dogs allowed!

8. Best Patient Dog:

Most Patient Dog

So many litter boxes, so much meowing! When the feline pheromones become a bit too much for this dog to handle, he closes his eyes and goes to his happy place—a park with unlimited squirrels to chase!

9. Most Studious Cat:

Most Studious

While most of her kitty counterparts are sprawled out in their beds or intently watching the window for movement, this cat is catching up on the day’s headlines and getting to work on her latest novel.

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