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November Ask the Vet

Dr. Moser

Dr. Moser

This month, Dr. Moser answers your questions about a dog with severe allergies and feeding two Westies to meet their individual needs.

Q: Our 3 year old Golden Retriever was suffering severe skin allergies and frequent ear infections, his Vet changed his diet for an hypoallergenic, then we switched for a high quality natural grain free formula, with both types of food the results were the same, he reduced most of his allergies. Now we’re interested in upgrading his food and trying holistic formulas. We are looking for the best, for that reason we chose Wellness. We bought the Wellness Super5Mix Lamb, Barley & Salmon Meal Recipe for Dogs, this is his first week in this transition and he is doing great! We would like to know if we selected a good choice with the Lamb formula or if the Wellness CORE might be a better solution for him.

A: Using dietary manipulation, you and your vet have reduced the skin and ear discomfort in your Golden Retriever – caused at least partially, by his food allergy or intolerance.

For long term dermatologic control for your dog with a Wellness diet, I recommend choosing from Wellness ® Simple Food Solutions® dry dog food.  Natural nutrition with simplicity is the benefit.  A single novel protein source is added to rice and a very short, yet complete, ingredient list.  The number of ingredients and possible allergens your dog is exposed to each day is decreased.

The novel protein choices are:  Salmon, Duck and Lamb.  In addition, canola oil is added for skin and coat quality and to support the epidermal skin barrier; tomato pomace is added as a fiber source.  For added nutritional support, antioxidant vitamins, beta carotene and vitamin E are added and the formulation contains chelated trace minerals (including zinc proteinate).

Remember this diet is all that is to be fed to the pet.  Offer no other foods (including human) or treats.  The Wellness Simple Food Solutions diets are available in both canned and dry forms.  Some pet owners report that kibble fed dogs with chronic skin dryness respond well when canned food is added up to ½ of the total calories offered during the day.

Q: We have two Westies…one with no problems and one with itchy skin that occasionally turns into a skin infection and requires prednisone. I realize that it could be a combination of things, but we just switched to Wellness Super5Mix Chicken Recipe dry food, to see if it will help. If it doesn’t, is there a different Wellness food I should try? I would prefer a diet that isn’t fished based. Can you respond to that and also if there is another good one, such as lamb and rice, let me know. Thanks much!

A: I recommend feeding the same diet for both dogs.   You can select from one of the natural, novel protein, non-fish based Wellness® Simple Food Solutions® FormulasRice and Duck or Rice and Lamb Formula.  Both duck protein based and lamb protein based diets come in dry kibble and canned moist form.

To decrease exposure to potentially inflammatory allergens, both are specifically formulated to be an extremely limited ingredient diet; with one novel protein and rice as the carbohydrate source; to help manage the symptoms of food allergy and intolerance.  For best results – the Simple Food Solutions diet you choose should be the sole source of nutrition for the pet.  No other pet food, pet treat, or table food.

Continue to work with your vet on controlling the other non-food related components of the skin disease.

A 15 to 17 pound Westie requires about 450 to 475 kilocalories of energy per day for maintaining weight (estimated).  An 8 ounce measuring cup of the Rice and Duck and Rice and Lamb formulas each contain about 405 calories.  A 12.5 ounce can of Lamb and Rice Formula has 520 kilocalories while a can of the Duck and Rice Formula contains 465 kilocalories.

12 Responses to “November Ask the Vet”

  1. Lisa Beaver says:

    I have two chihuahuas with allergies. They have been on the Core low fat and only have a few exacerbations at times. I tried the Simple Food solutions and they suddenly got much worse. Does this give any clue as to what ingredient is bothering them? What is the best to use for treats without wt gain and low cost.

  2. Marceda says:

    I have seen your new commercial and like it.
    I’ve been using fish and sweet potato grain for my Corgi, for about a year.
    Her skin was black, now, it is getting pink again. I will continue using the Wellness sw. potato & white fish.


  3. Marianne Vanora says:

    Hi my golden too was having allergy probs that affected his coat and ears. He too was changed to Wellness duck and everything has improved. Great food, don’t change a thing.

  4. jane says:

    Our 100 pound German Shep/Lab/ Great Dane mix has terrible body odor, despite several baths. Any suggestions as to dietary changes that may decrease the odor problem? She eats Wellness Core dry food.

  5. Pam Bertz says:

    Ask the Vet – Dr. Moser:

    Dr. Moser: I have an 11 year old Golden Retriever that has allergies, always has yeast infections in the ear and in the folds of the neck, and has terribly dry skin. Our “specialty” vet told me to put her on the Wellness Super 5 Mix for Seniors. She has been on it for about 8 months, but still tends to get the allergies, yeast infections, and dry skin (flakes galore).

    Regular vet puts her on antibiotics and prednisone and she does better with the allergies & yeast, but I hate to keep up that routine.

    Anything you would suggest to help any of these conditions?? Feeling helpless.

  6. Marilyn says:

    My Shih Tzu is overweight and I have now put her on Wellness Core Reduced Calorie diet. I am feeding her 1/2 cup of dry kibbles together with approximately 2 Tablespoons of canned Core. Am I doing the right thing and have I picked the proper food. Although the breed standard is no more than 17 lbs., her father was on the large side also. I know she has extra fat around her rib cage as this was diagnosed by her Veterinarian. If you think she would do better on one of your other products, please advise. Also how much food should I be feeding her in order to get a few pounds to drop off. Thank you.

  7. Judith Vassie says:

    Hi, I have a 10 year old Bichon and a 2 year old Bichon. (males). They are both very picky about dog food. I finally tried your chicken grain free canned dog food. They both like it, but now they are gaining weight. I can not feed dry dog food as they won’t eat for days. When I was trying to pick a food for them I fed them for a month with one kind each month. These are the first dogs that i have owned that really do not care about food that much. Do you have another canned food that i should try that will keep their weight down.

  8. melanie says:

    I have 3 goldens. Cammie is approximately 10 years old and has just been through treatment for the second time for a sarcoma on her leg. From what I understand, grain free is best for her, but i worry about too much protein for an older dog. Any recommendations? Currently feeding her a dry kibble with added flavor visa vi tuna, salmon, hamburger, chicken or canned food….not on Wellness yet. Russell is my other problem. He is about 3 and is more finicky than any cat i have ever known. He seriously won’t eat half the time. When he is really hungry he picks out a few kibbles, walks them away from his bowl and deposits them on the floor and starts that process again. Brie, is two and will eat anything! Would like to figure out something to make my life easier. By the way, Cammie is still taking the Buck Mountain Botanical “NEOPLASENE” orally.

  9. Lorena C Lambert says:

    I to have a dog that is very itchy. In his case, the itchiness is between October and March. I have been feeding him Wellness Ocean Fish and Sweet Potatoes which seems to help a lot. You, however, did not mention this product in your response above. Is what you selected a better choice for allergies? Would appreciate knowing, Thanks Lorena

  10. Debbie says:

    Q: I have a ten year old hound/setter mix that has allergies, but I can’t seem to pinpoint what. For years she ate Nutro lamb and rice or large breed (chicken and rice) and after I stopped them she stopped having ear problems for a while. However over the last couple of years, she has started having problems again. I’ve tried various brands and types of food, with ingredients including salmon, duck, bison, sweet potato and potato and leaving out common allergens like wheat, corn and soy, but haven’t had any success. She has ear sensitivities (kept in check by ear medication), and chews her feet. She has also developed, in this time period, problems with her anal glands and has to get them expressed at least once a month. I can’t help but wonder if that is a sympton as well. Are there any Wellness dog foods you would recommend? I feed them dry food only, supplemented by occasional vegetables and a little olive oil.

  11. Michele St. Pierre says:

    Does Wellness use GMO ingredients?

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