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Ask the Vet – April Edition

Dr. Moser

Dr. Moser

This month, Dr. Moser answers your questions about exclusively feeding canned cat food, helping an underweight dachshund gain weight, and feline urinary tract infections.

Q: My 1 year old spayed cat has been struggling with a bacterial urinary tract infection. Which Wellness food products do you recommend for her?

A: Since they have a higher percent moisture; I would recommend trying Wellness® Healthy Indulgence® pouches. This will maximize the water intake for your cat, therefore increasing the urine volume excreted.

To make a diagnosis of bacterial urinary tract infection, bacteria need to be observed in or cultured from the urine. The proper antibiotic is chosen for use based on antibiotic sensitivity testing. Detection of bacteria in the urine samples of young cats (under age 7) with adequately concentrated urine only occurs in a very small percentage of patients. Ask your vet to help you arrive at an accurate diagnosis of the urinary problem and to develop a treatment plan.

Q: I have two miniature dachshunds, one male and one female. The female is a good size, she looks healthy, but the male doesn’t have much weight on him. I was wondering how I could get him to gain some weight (his ribs are showing currently).

A: Even only one of your dogs is underweight and both animals seem healthy to you— I would recommend that they both be checked for intestinal parasites by fecal egg examination at your vet’s office.

Both dogs should currently be eating complete and balanced diets. The underweight male can be offered additional calories. This can be done by adding Wellness Just for Puppy® canned recipe to his diet. Each 6 ounce can contains about 250 kcal of energy.

A 15 pound adult dog should be eating about 450 kcal per day to maintain weight. So add about 1 to 1.5 ounces of canned Just for Puppy canned food per day to increase calorie intake 10 to 15% per day. Monitor for weight desired gain.

Q: I would like to convert my 2 cats to an all canned food diet. Would it be okay for my cats to only eat wet food and what is the best way to go about doing it?

A: It is fine to feed exclusively complete and balanced feline canned food to a cat. Wellness® Complete Health Canned Recipes for Cats are available in10 delicious varieties to suit the differing taste buds of our feline friends. Some kibble fed cats will easily start to eat canned food, others may be resistant. Most cats can be switched to a moist food if the change is made gradually; some cats may take up to a month. Moist food is often offered as an additional option in a second dish next to the dry food. As the cat will consume the moist food, the dry food is reduced to induce hunger. Do this by dividing the daily amount of food into several small meals (at least four) offered for a limited time only— not in a free choice feeding setting. Patience is the key.

3 Responses to “Ask the Vet – April Edition”

  1. Diana says:

    My 3 1/2 year old female Golden has been eating the Wellness Super 5 mix. The only problem is her breath was awful. I switched to “Core”, which she LOVES, as does her little buddy Jack Russell; breath is fine now. My question is: I switched her food to Wellness on recommendation from an animal behaviorist. Once I became educated about what was in dog foods, I happily switched. The foods with more fish really make her breath stinky. Is “Core” an adequate replacement for her? I don’t want to compromise on her needs, but believe me, that breath could knock over an army. Any recommendations? Also tried giving her the “Gimme A Kiss” mint biscuits, they only work until she eats again! Thank you, Diana

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