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Healthful Nutrition for Large Breed Dogs

An Example of a Large Breed Dog: The American Bulldog

An Example of a Large Breed Dog: The American Bulldog

Just like large and giant breed puppies, adults also need a diet that meets their specific nutritional needs. We all know that generally the larger the breed the shorter the life span. In spite of that fact, many larger dogs are living far longer than expected. Better breeding, an increased awareness of the importance of regular exercise and the value of good nutrition have all played a significant role in extending the life of our beloved pets.

There are specific considerations that should be addressed when considering a proper diet for your large or giant breed adult pet.

1. Weight gain and joint stress are two of the major concerns associated with larger dogs.

Excessive weight is an added stress on the joints of the body and can encourage the proliferation of osteoarthritis. Once the arthritis begins, the added stress of carrying extra weight for long periods of time can make the process progress much more quickly. In addition, long term obesity has also been found to increase the risk of other serious and debilitating conditions such as diabetes, pancreatitis, heart problems, spinal problems and even skin and hair coat issues.

To help with maintaining a healthy weight, Wellness® Large Breed Adult Recipe is designed to encourage a lean body mass while providing all the necessary good calories from protein and fat that are essential for a healthy and active life style. Extra weight puts extra stress on a large frame, so it’s important for your dog to feel satiated without consuming excess calories. With moderate fat, this recipe helps control energy intake, thus allowing your dog to eat enough and still maintain a healthy weight every day. For large breed dogs, their greater size means there is more muscle to support and keep strong. That why in our Super5Mix® Large Breed Health Recipe, we use 4 quality animal protein sources for increased protein.

When it comes to weight management, we must all realize that no matter what we feed our pets, if we feed too much our pets will have a weight problem. In addition we must understand that we have 100% control of what our pets eat. If we are feeding too much we must cut back or increase exercise otherwise we will be encouraging a weight problem. Never feed pets to satisfy their appetite. Always feed to maintain an ideal body mass and weight will never become a problem as long as adequate exercise is also incorporated into the pet’s life-style.

2. There is some concern that a number of dogs have a reduced ability to utilize taurine, another amino acid found to be essential for a healthy heart. To be certain adequate levels are available we have also supplemented additional levels in our diet.

3. As with all Wellness® Recipes, Super5Mix® Large Breed Adult Health Recipe contains all the nutrients you have come to expect in our diets. Our special recipe for the needs of large breed dogs features our WellFlex® System Omega 3 and 6 blend with 750 mg/kg of glucosamine hydrochloride and 250 mg/kg of chondroitin sulfate. Omega 3 fatty acids are also known to be a natural anti-inflammatory and help maintain a healthy heart and proper kidney function. Natural antioxidants such as Vitamins A, E and C as well as Beta Carotenes, are also included to help eliminate free radicals and keep cells healthy, naturally derived from the fruits and vegetables included in the diets

4. It is important for large breeds to easily digest and process food. We include live, naturally-occurring micro-organisms to support digestive health and we ensure optimal nutrient absorption through our Digestool® confirmation studies – less nutrients in the stool, means more nutrients in the body.

5. For those pet parents that want to feed their beloved pets the very best natural diet with optimum benefits, Wellness Super5Mix Large Breed Adult Health Recipe is an ideal diet to encourage a long, happy and healthy life.

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