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July Ask the Vet

Dr. Moser

Dr. Moser

This month, Dr. Moser talks about dog allergies and help for a dog with loose stools.

Q: I have a collie that has loose stools. Usually she does best on a high fiber diet. Which of the Wellness foods would be best for her?

A: I would recommend that you ask your veterinary hospital to perform a parasite check on your dog’s stool sample.  Intestinal parasites can produce abnormal stool and any dog can be infected.

I have two recommendations for Wellness high fiber dry kibble diet choices for you to try with your Collie that has fiber responsive diarrhea.

– One is Wellness® Super5Mix ®Healthy Weight Dog Food (about 8 % crude fiber and 325 kcal ME per cup).

– The second is the Grain-Free Wellness® CORE® Reduced Fat Dog Food (about 8.5% crude fiber and 350 kcal ME per cup).

Q: I have a 14 year old Lhasa Apso who is very healthy but I do know he has allergies…not sure to what but he gets allergy pills/shot from the vet.  He still constantly licks at his paws.  Do you have any recommendations as to what I can do to help him?

A: Your veterinarian is currently treating the dog for atopy.  A food trial would be appropriate because many itchy dogs have a combination of food and environmental allergies.  Only about 20% of allergic dogs are “only food allergic”, but up to 40% are “also food allergic” says Dr. Goulet a board certified dermatologist based in Florida quoted in a recent veterinary journal.

Wellness Simple Food Solutions are novel protein diets.  The diets are: Rice and Duck, Rice and Lamb and Rice and Salmon.  Select the diet whose protein source the dog has not been exposed to in the last year.

Experts agree that, owners must be strict with the trial diet, which can last 8 to 12 weeks.  No treats, no table scraps, no chewable pills, etc.  Feed only the Simple Food Solutions diet.

3 Responses to “July Ask the Vet”

  1. One of the questions this month was about allergies and paw licking. I have no trouble following the strict diet with the exception of giving Rafael his monthly Heartguard pill by mouth. Can you please tell me how to deal with this situation? I have 2 other dogs, one is a female Beagle 2 1/2 years old named Daisy. In the last month or two she has been junping off of our bed at night, yes she sleeps with us, and before I can reach her she vomits a very small amount of a white or pale yellow bile like substance. There are no solids in it but it is hard to clean from our carpet, and I’m very concerned about Daisy. She doesn’t do it every night and it does not seem to bother her very much. We have not changed anything in her food or anything else in her routine. None of our other animals (two dogs and one cat) seem to be doing it. Can you please tell me how I can help her? Thank you in advance for your help withthis matter.

    Respectfully, TerryMalason

  2. Diana Grant says:

    My 13 year old Bichon has developed a sort of wart on various parts of her body. They don’t seem to bother her but the vet did remove one during a surgical procdure for another issue. He felt there was noo point in removing the others (approx 15) because they would just grow back. Is this normal? Are they harmless. Thank you. She seems healthy and active.

  3. Whippet Alec turned 5 yrs old June 5th and was diagnosed as having EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) March 2010. He is currently eating the Wellness CORE ground with his powdered enzymes. Because the enzymes do the digesting for him I woudl like to know what percentages of the CORE are protein, fat & carbohydrates (on average) per cup of dry food. He is completely stabilized and regained the weight he lost before diagnosis YEAH!! Thanks!
    PS – His sister, aunts & Uncle are all switched over to the CORE and all are doing great. Wish I had discovered hos well they could do on grain free food before Alec was diagnosed!