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3 Ways to Celebrate DOGust!

What is DOGust you might ask? If you’ve ever shared your life with a rescue pup, you know you’re not aware of their true birthday.  Sure, you can choose a date at random or use your adoption date as your rescue’s special day. Either options are fine, after all, your pup isn’t likely to have strong opinion either way.

But now there’s another option. The North Shore Animal League  – the oldest no-kill shelter in the country, declared Aug 1 as DOGust, the universal birthday of shelter dogs everywhere. Which means, if your rescue doesn’t have a birthday already, why not choose August 1?

Happy Birthday!

To celebrate, they’re having a great big party on August 1st at their Port Washington, NY headquarters and plenty of adoptions specials. Of course, you can also celebrate wherever you are.

3 Ways to Celebrate DOGust

1—Adoption – Adopting a new pup is the ultimate celebration, but we know that’s not always possible. So in lieu of adopting, you can donate money and/or share available pets via your social media feeds. You may be able to help someone ELSE find the furry love of his or her life!

2—Pawty – You can choose to host a doggie birthday party with your dog loving friends in a fenced in yard. Since it is August and hot across most of the country, water games are appropriate. Kiddie pools filled with cool water, sprinklers and some DIY frozen treats will help ensure the pups don’t get too hot! Play dates are great for sending everyone home with tired and happy dogs.

Pool Pawty

3—Share — Share your pet rescue photos on Facebook and Instagram. If you use the hashtag #DOGust, The North Shore Animal League will be sure to see them and will share via social media.

DOGust comes but once a year, how will you celebrate?

Wellness #TreatItForward Tuesday

We recently held our first-ever #TreatItForward Tuesday! If you didn’t happen to catch the post on our Facebook page, we introduced Treat it Forward Tuesday to benefit both our loyal Wellness fans as well as their local animal rescue organizations.

The premise? Each week, we’ll post about #TreatItFoward, highlighting a Wellness Natural Pet Food dog or cat treat. Facebook fans can “enter” the giveaway by liking, sharing or commenting on the post. Then, we choose a winning Wellness fan. We ship the winner a full case of the featured Wellness treat, and they get to choose their favorite local shelter who will also receive a full case of treats for pets in need!

We had an overwhelming response for our first Treat it Forward Tuesday with an estimated 1,500 Wellness fans entering and nominating fabulous animal shelters all over the country to receive a case of goodies for pets in need.

Here’s our first winning entry, submitted by Jo Irvine:

“Lindsay Campbell is transforming the lives of so many needy seniors in rural Tennessee – she welcomes them no matter how old or sick – to her rescue sanctuary, Pleasant Hill Pet Rescue and Senior Sanctuary in Blountville, TN. Lindsay knows the importance good nutrition makes and Wellness treats are a favorite with her gang. The spectacular gift of an entire case of Pure Rewards treats would be such a blessing. I personally rescue seniors also and just love Wellness products. Pure Rewards treats are wonderful because they are grain free and soft for my seniors, like Big Boo pictured here.”

It’s inspiring to see the wonderful participation from the Wellness community. Together, we can work to bring awareness and attention to pets in need everywhere, and help these pets live happy, healthy lives as they wait for their forever homes.

Be sure to check the Wellness Facebook page each Tuesday to enter and nominate your favorite shelter to receive some tasty Wellness goodies!

-Wellness Natural Pet Food team

How to Celebrate National Dog Week

Every Dog Has His Day (Or Week)

You can’t have too many opportunities to celebrate those who love us unconditionally. It’s even better when there’s a special day—or week—given especially for that occasion.

National Dog Week is the last week of September. According to one source, it was founded in 1928 by Captain William Lewis Judy to promote responsible dog ownership.

We like to think of it as another opportunity to celebrate and share the love of dogs.

Puppy kisses, happy greetings and lots of tail waggin’ fun bring smiles to our faces throughout the year. Plus, the weather is getting cooler and that makes it a perfect opportunity to get outside with your favorite furry canine.

Here are three ideas for celebrating National Dog Week:

Hold a Dog Party

Don’t have a good yard for several doggies to play? Enlist a friend who does. Invite 3-5 dogs (and their humans) over for a play date. The humans can take turns throwing balls and Frisbees and the dogs can catch them. Many dogs also love a great game of chase. They can run in circles chasing one another for at least 10 minutes.

Don’t have dogs who play chase or catch Frisbees? That’s ok. They’ll still enjoy the social opportunity. If you work long hours away from home, your pets may not get enough companionship. Just make sure the invitees all get along and enjoy one another. Then, everyone can leave happy and tired.

Get Involved in Doggie Events

Lots of animal shelters hold fundraisers throughout the year to support their mission of saving animals. They always need volunteers and can be a great way to help dozens of dogs without adopting more than your house can hold.

You could even organize a “Mutt Strutt” to benefit the shelter or for veterinarians to help families in need. Many veterinarians keep a special fund to help pet-loving families who find themselves in a financial crisis when it comes to caring for their pet.

Enjoy a Day at the Beach

After Labor Day, many beaches become pet friendly again.

Enjoy a romp in the sand and surf. Make clean up easy on yourself by stopping by a “doggie wash” on the way out.They’ll feel happy after a good outing. They’ll be over the moon after a great outing and a good bath.

Is the beach too far? Take a hike in the woods or at a nearby State Park.

Whatever you choose to do, your best friend will enjoy being with you. How will you celebrate National Dog Week?

Wellness Adopt a Cat Month Giveaway & Donation

It’s National Adopt a Cat Month! You can read more about cat adoption here. In honor of this special month, we’re hosting a giveaway and donation to an animal welfare organization. To enter, simply comment on this Wellness Natural Pet Food Facebook Post and share your cat adoption story. On June 30th we’ll be announcing a winner who will receive a Wellness Cat Prize Pack! In addition to receiving a prize pack, Wellness will make a donation of $250 to the animal charity of the winner’s choice. This is a great opportunity to spread the word about pet adoption and to help raise money for an organization that you’re passionate about.

Comment here to enter!

National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

It’s National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day! Wellness fans were asked to define their pet adoption experience with One Word & One Photo–here are their responses.














Wellness Pet Food Donates $16,000 to Animal Welfare Organizations

The natural pet food brand donates to Green Chimneys and The Cat House on the Kings at conclusion of Facebook holiday giving campaignWellness-LeftsideGraphic-FIN

Tewksbury, Mass. (December 10)—Wellness Pet Food recently concluded their, “You Click, We Donate” holiday giving campaign, hosted on their Facebook page. During the campaign which ran from December 10 to January 16, Wellness Facebook fans could sign up for Wellness to donate $1.00 on their behalf—up to $8,000 each for Green Chimneys and The Cat House on the Kings.

Although campaign participation did not reach the maximum donation amount, Wellness donated the full $8,000 to each charity. “We’re happy that we’re able to offer monetary donations to each of these deserving charities,” said Chanda Leary-Coutu, Wellness Marketing Communications Manager. “We support the missions of these charities and were glad to help increase public awareness of them.

The Cat House on the Kings is California’s largest no-cage, no-kill, lifetime cat sanctuary and adoption center. The Cat House relies entirely on donations from the public to carry out its mission. You can read more about The Cat House here.

Green Chimneys, located in New York State, is a multi-faceted nonprofit organization helping young people by providing them residential, educational, clinical and recreational services. Green Chimneys also provides housing and rehabilitation to over 200 dogs, cats and farm and wildlife animals. You can read more about Green Chimneys here.

Tips on How to Foster a Pet

Considering Pet Fostering? Here’s What You Need to Know

Dog with Foster Mom

Fostering a dog or cat can be a very rewarding experience. Many times, animal shelters rely on foster pet parents in emergency rescue situations. For example, a foster pet parent can prevent an animal from being euthanized by temporarily housing the pet until a safe option becomes available. They can help an animal recover from a sickness by providing special, individualized care or they can help keep a close eye on a litter of kittens until they are old enough to be adopted.

There are many reasons to consider fostering pets and just like adopting, it’s a good idea to think things through and ask a few questions before you bring home that wriggling, furry bundle of happiness.

1—What are the characteristics of the foster animal? Are you able to accommodate the animal’s size and medical/behavioral issues?

2—Will the pet get along with other people/pets in your household?

3—How long will you be fostering the pet? It’s best to compare expectations with the animal shelter before you agree to foster to make sure you’re on the same page.

4—Will the pet need training during the time you are fostering him/her? Many shelters rely on foster parents to assist with training or working with problem behaviors in order to help the pet become more adoptable.

5—Will the animal shelter be providing/financing veterinary care while you’re fostering?

6—Will the shelter/rescue group provide you with pet food while you’re fostering?

7—How will the dog or cat meet potential adopters? Will you attend adoption events or interact with the potential adopters in any way? The shelter may request that you take photos of the pet and/or provide a written description of the pet and its behavior so the shelter can post to Petfinder.com or to a social media page.

8—Will you have a say in who adopts the foster pet? Many animal shelters allow pet foster parents to be part of the decision on which adoptive family to pair the pet with.

10—If you fall in love, will you be able to adopt the pet?

When you foster animals, you free up space for the shelter or rescue to save another life. Plus, you’re providing important socialization for the pet to live a long and happy life. Fostering can be rewarding, yet, you’ll want to ensure you and the shelter have matching expectations of what fostering means.

Foster Dog with Foster Parent

Have you ever fostered a dog or cat? What’s been your experience? We’d love to hear your stories on our Facebook page.

10 Ways to Help Your Dog Adoption Go Smoothly

When you rescue a dog from the shelter, you give him a second chance at life. Here are 10 ways you can get off on the right paw.

1– Talk with the shelter staff. Have them introduce you to their favorite dogs. Tell them what you’re looking for in a pet. Let them know what pets you already have and whether you have children. They’ll guide you to one that’s a good fit.

Find a dog who matches your temperament. If you enjoy lengthy hikes or other athletic endeavors, a high energy dog like a lab mix may be good for you. On the other hand, if you have small children or are looking for a dog who loves to snuggle, an older, more mellow dog may be a better option. The shelter staff can help you narrow your choices.

2- Once you’ve narrowed your choices to 2 or 3 dogs, see if you can take them each for a walk. Getting them away from the kennel environment will help many dogs relax and show you more of their personality.

3- Introduce your other family members to your candidates. This will help eliminate unpleasant surprises once you get home together.

4- If you already have a dog at home, see if you can bring your current dog in for a “meet and greet” or trade towels/blankets with each dog. The idea is each dog smells the other and begins to get accustomed to the other’s smell so they aren’t completely new to one another.

5- Once you’ve made your choice, determine where your new best friend will spend the first few days at your home. Even if your new friend is house-broken, the stress of moving and a new environment may cause him to “forget.” If you confine him to a kitchen, you’ll have easier clean up, yet, he’ll be able to adjust to family life.

6- If you plan to crate train, get the crate ready and decide where it will go in your home. When your new pet comes home, leave the crate sitting in its area with the door open and let him explore the crate on his own. You may find he enjoys being in it when he’s relaxing.

7- Aim for a calm schedule the first few weeks with your new pet. Take a few days off work if you can, and avoid planning travel right after adoption. Stick to scheduled meal times and walking times. The first few weeks are a critical adjustment time for everyone. Give yourself time.

8- Take your new friend to your veterinarian for a full checkup shortly after you bring him home. This gives you a baseline on health and temperament independent of the shelter.

9- Your new pet may benefit from doggie training classes or other forms of socializing such as dog parks. However, it’s important to discuss this with your vet and watch your pet’s temperament. Not every dog does well in these environments.

10- Make sure everyone in your family is onboard with the training plan. When everyone adheres to the schedule and uses the same commands, it’s easier for your dog to learn.

By giving a shelter dog a “forever home,” you’ll be deeply rewarded. You may find yourself the recipient of deep gratitude from your pet.

What tips do you have for a successful adoption?