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Ask Wellness: January 2015

Q. I have a Boston Terrier who’s having digestive issues with loose stools. She’s 12 pounds, small I know. She had a fecal test and it came back negative. I’m looking to change her food. Which Wellness food would you suggest?


A. It’s good to hear that your Boston Terrier’s fecal test came back negative. This doesn’t rule out the possibility that your dog has a sensitive stomach and/or food intolerance. I’d suggest that you try the Wellness Simple Small Breed Salmon & Potato Formula. This grain-free food is made with limited ingredients so that there’s less of a chance of your dog having digestive upset with it. The tiny kibble size is also a good fit for your small dog. I recommended that you transition your dog slowly from her current food to the Simple Small Breed Salmon & Potato. A transition over at least a week will decrease the chances of stomach upset with the new food. If your pup still experiences digestive issues, we suggest that you work with your veterinarian to help determine which specific ingredients are not agreeing with your dog’s stomach.

Ask Wellness July 2013

Q: My dog has what appears to be a severe allergy; I have heard that it could stem from grain ingredients in his food. I have tried a small amount of grain-free food and he has responded well. I am soon going to deplete the food I have and am wondering if Wellness has grain-free dry foods.

A: Wellness offers several dry grain-free canine diets. They are CORE® Original Formula, CORE® Reduced Fat Formula, CORE® Ocean Formula, CORE® Small Breed Formula, and CORE® Puppy Formula. The sources of protein for CORE Original formula are Turkey and Chicken; for Reduced Fat Formula are Turkey, Chicken, and Whitefish; and for Ocean Formula are Whitefish, Herring Meal, Salmon Meal, and Menhaden fish Meal. CORE canine grain-free diets are also available in moist form (12.5 ounce cans). We now also offer two grain-free recipes of our Simple Limited Ingredient Diet. You could try the Simple Grain-Free Salmon & Potato Formula or the Simple Grain-Free Turkey & Potato Formula. With any severe skin condition, in addition to undertaking a dietary trial, your vet should be consulted to rule out atopy (environmental allergies), fleas, ringworm, demodex, scabies, secondary yeast and bacterial overgrowth or other underlying medical conditions.