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Wellness #TreatItForward Tuesday

We recently held our first-ever #TreatItForward Tuesday! If you didn’t happen to catch the post on our Facebook page, we introduced Treat it Forward Tuesday to benefit both our loyal Wellness fans as well as their local animal rescue organizations.

The premise? Each week, we’ll post about #TreatItFoward, highlighting a Wellness Natural Pet Food dog or cat treat. Facebook fans can “enter” the giveaway by liking, sharing or commenting on the post. Then, we choose a winning Wellness fan. We ship the winner a full case of the featured Wellness treat, and they get to choose their favorite local shelter who will also receive a full case of treats for pets in need!

We had an overwhelming response for our first Treat it Forward Tuesday with an estimated 1,500 Wellness fans entering and nominating fabulous animal shelters all over the country to receive a case of goodies for pets in need.

Here’s our first winning entry, submitted by Jo Irvine:

“Lindsay Campbell is transforming the lives of so many needy seniors in rural Tennessee – she welcomes them no matter how old or sick – to her rescue sanctuary, Pleasant Hill Pet Rescue and Senior Sanctuary in Blountville, TN. Lindsay knows the importance good nutrition makes and Wellness treats are a favorite with her gang. The spectacular gift of an entire case of Pure Rewards treats would be such a blessing. I personally rescue seniors also and just love Wellness products. Pure Rewards treats are wonderful because they are grain free and soft for my seniors, like Big Boo pictured here.”

It’s inspiring to see the wonderful participation from the Wellness community. Together, we can work to bring awareness and attention to pets in need everywhere, and help these pets live happy, healthy lives as they wait for their forever homes.

Be sure to check the Wellness Facebook page each Tuesday to enter and nominate your favorite shelter to receive some tasty Wellness goodies!

-Wellness Natural Pet Food team

5 Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween offers lots of opportunity for fun with your pet. Evening strolls, decorations and costumes can all add to the fun. However, all pets aren’t the same and what’s fun for one is terrifying for another. Here are a few guidelines for Halloween fun and safety.Halloween Dogs

1-Pets in Costume – Who doesn’t love a dog (or cat) in costume? Sometimes, it’s the dog or cat. Try the angel costume on your Yorkie but if she seems stressed by it, don’t force the issue. Even if your pet seems happy to entertain you by wearing this year’s ensemble, don’t leave him or her unattended. Pets could hurt themselves trying to tear off headgear, cloaks, etc.

2-Trick or Treating with Your Dog – Does your dog love socializing with other dogs and people of all sizes? If so, you may have a prime candidate for canine trick-or-treating. Dress your pooch as a pumpkin and stroll the neighborhood looking for a bone-a-fied good time. Just make sure to keep your pet leashed and visible with a lighted harness or glow stick. Halloween can be full of surprises.

3-Keep Track of Your Pets – Halloween offers the opportunity for lots of fun and scary times. Most cats and some dogs may be happiest spending the evening behind closed doors safely removed from human trick-or-treaters. Consider your pet’s temperament.

4–Keep Pets Away From Treats – Chocolate can be deadly to dogs. So can xylitol (an ingredient in many sugar free candies and gums). As a general rule, it’s a good idea to keep sugar away from your pets. Wellness brand treats like Yogurt, Apples, Bananas yogurt bars are pet-friendly and delicious!

5Decorations—Candles, cords and paper or plastic decorations can all be harmful to your pets. Curious kittens and puppies can chew on things they shouldn’t or knock things over. If the flickering of a jack o’lantern or plastic decorations seem interesting to your pet, be especially vigilant.

Does your pet enjoy Halloween? We’d love to hear about it on our Facebook page. Pictures are welcome!