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Click It or Ticket Extends to Pets

CA and NJ are now requiring pets “buckle up” when riding in the car and other states are likely to follow in the near future.   The reason is unrestrained animals pose hazards.  Whether they want to climb in the driver’s lap because they’re nervous or they’re roaming all over the car pets can create a serious distraction for the driver.

Even if your dog loves to ride and always sits nicely in the back seat, your pet can be seriously hurt in an accident if they’re not restrained.    Imagine getting rear-ended and your pet being hurled into the windshield.

If you don’t want to use a crate to transport your dog, you can stay safe on the road with doggie seat belts.

Here are 3 Types of Dog Seat Belts:


Many of the restraints are harnesses.  You slip your dog’s front legs into the opening and it attaches at the back like a walking harness.  They have clips that clip into the seat existing seat belt buckle to secure them similar to the way a person is strapped in.


These restraints have a harness with a strap that goes across your car ceiling to create a zip line.  If your dog is nervous in the car, this gives him the ability to roam from window to window but he’s relegated to the back seat or back cab of an SUV.

Car Seat Lookout:

Small dogs will enjoy a car seat lookout.  This seat is raised so small pets can look out the window as you cruise down the road.  Some are a plush lined box for your pet while others can double as a soft-sided crate with a lid you can zip up if you need to carry your dog into the vet or onto a plane.

Have you used any of these with your pet?  We’d love to hear about your experience on our Facebook Page.

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