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October 2012 Ask the Vet

Q: My one year old border collie/husky mix is on Wellness Super5Mix Just for Puppy Recipe Dry Dog Food. When should I feed him adult Wellness and what would be good for him?

A: Now is a good time to switch from a Wellness puppy diet to a Wellness diet directed at the maintenance of an adult dog. Most veterinarians recommend switching when the puppy reaches about 80% of anticipated adult body weight or at 1 year of age.

Within the Wellness line of natural dog foods you have choices; Complete Health Super5Mix, CORE Grain Free, and Simple Limited Ingredient Diet. Canned and dry foods are available for all of these recommended Wellness dry dog food recipes. Remember each dog is an individual and response to diet will vary from dog to dog. Try different products and monitor the response; coat and skin softness and sheen, activity level, the presence of a small amount of firm stool, etc.

Score your dog on weight and body condition monthly to evaluate the amount of food you are offering. If the dog is too thin—feed more; too fat—feed less. In addition overfeeding can result in soft stools. Remember– when a dog is neutered, there is a decrease in the daily energy needs of individuals by as much as 25%–you will need to feed less.

Feed adults at least two meals per day— don’t free choice feed.

A great diet to try on your dog would be Wellness CORE® Ocean Grain Free Recipe Dry Dog Food.

Q: My cat seems to have trouble chewing and sometimes drops her food out of her mouth? Should I be concerned?

A: I would recommend making an appointment with your veterinarian for a complete physical exam with emphasis on the head, neck and oral area. Trouble chewing may be a warning sign of dental disease or enlarged lymph nodes. Be sure to check your pet’s teeth frequently and look out for warning signs such as bad breath and bleeding gums. Talk to your vet about dental health for your cats as a preventive measure to help ward off future dental issues.

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