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Wellness® Natural Food and Snacks for Pets serves balanced nutrition for dogs and cats


Tewksbury, MA (March 24, 2010) – National Nutrition Month is a time for the whole family to re-focus on eating right, and it offers a timely reminder for the proper nourishment of our dogs and cats too. Veterinary Nutritionist Dr. Edward Moser shares his advice for using a proper diet to help a dog or cat achieve “True WellnessTM.”


“The idea of ‘True Wellness’ for a dog or cat is the same as for us,” Dr. Moser said. “It incorporates health, better energy and fewer allergies. Proper nutrition will not only nourish the animal’s body but improve its life.”


Dr. Moser counsels pet owners to carefully consider what’s in their pets’ food bowls.  The food should be nutritionally balanced and every ingredient should have a purpose, without empty calories. He recommends feeding food made with natural ingredients that you can identify.


“Pets have different sizes, shapes, taste preferences, and numerous other unique needs. Wellness® Natural Food for Pets has specifically formulated a full line of pet food, made with the highest quality standards, to achieve the best nutrition for your dog or cat,” Dr. Moser added.


Wellness carefully selects exceptional, authentic ingredients for each of its recipes. The complete line includes a balance of lean proteins, whole gains, fruits, and vegetables. It has no wheat, no corn, no soy, and no added artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.


Wellness Super5Mix® Complete Health is created with a dog's whole-health in mind, including fruits and vegetables, phytonutrient rich botanicals and herbs, omega-fatty acids for cellular function, and essential vitamins and minerals. Likewise, Wellness Complete Health for cats is a thoughtful nutritional approach that includes high quality protein, grains and fruits, and controlled ash and mineral levels for felines to function at their best.


For those who prefer feeding a grain-free, protein focused diet, Dr. Moser recommends Wellness CORE® for dogs or cats. For those dogs suffering with food allergies or food intolerances, Wellness Simple Food Solutions® is made with a short yet complete list of key ingredients, featuring a single novel protein plus one easily digestible carbohydrate source.

In addition to proper nutrition, Dr. Moser advises pet parents to examine their dogs and cats’ overall lifestyle. He recommends walking or running with your dog and scheduling plenty of play time to help pets shed pounds and stay fit and healthy all year long.


Wellness foods and snacks are available nationwide in pet specialty shops and natural food stores in a variety of sizes and flavors. To find an authorized Wellness retailer, please visit