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A Showcase from Pet Parents Who Have Had Outstanding Results

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We’re proud to know that we’ve inspired a lot of ‘true believers’ who have seen the difference our food makes in their pets’ lives. Share your story and inspire others to discover True Wellness®.

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"Everyone says Jessie is a little spoiled because she will stick her nose up to any other food but Wellness. She loves her CORE Grain-Free Ocean dry dog recipe. She looks amazing with the softest coat and beautiful skin, she’s always full of energy and ready to work. Jessie loves the lure course and swimming due to her healthy weight. The best thing we did was switch her to Wellness! "

— Sarah L., Bonnieville, KY.

"When we rescued Blondie she was super skinny and very weak. Within a month she was completely healthy again due to feeding her the CORE Grain-Free Kitten dry recipe. Blondie has grown so close to us and is a big part of our family! After a rough start, CORE keeps her growing big and strong!"

— Nathan P., Westport, MA.

"Without Wellness Minced Chicken Dinner, my cat would not have the bright eyes she looks at me with every day. She goes after laser pointers like her life (and dinner!) depended on it. But when she's settled, she will always give me that sincere look and a wag of her tail."

— Alice H., Marietta, GA.

"Our Boston Stella has always had allergies and breaks out in nasty hives if she eats food containing her allergens. We have always struggled to find the right food and tried so many different brands without success - until we switched to Wellness CORE Grain-Free Original Formula at the recommendation of a friend. Stella gobbles up her food, and it is doing her good - her coat is shiny, her eyes bright and allergic reaction free. Thank you Wellness for making our Stella a happy hound! "

— Gemma C., Brooklyn, NY.

"We adopted Munchi from a cat rescue locally in Orange County and was the best decision we have made. His sisters Jade and Pepper keep him busy as he finds new ways to get on their nerves. It is only temporary until you see them all taking naps together. We find that the Wellness Natural Pet Food keeps our three cats in peak health and gives us piece of mind that all our cats our getting the proper nutrition."

— Tim G., Irvine, CA