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We’re proud to know that we’ve inspired a lot of ‘true believers’ who have seen the difference our food makes in their pets’ lives. Share your story and inspire others to discover True Wellness®.

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"Shawney has always been a picky eater, had skin rashes and a rough coat. After we adopted Shawneys littermate, Quinn, who needed to put on some weight, we knew we had to get a new dog food. We had tried 5 different pet foods before we ordered Wellness Grain Free CORE Ocean Formula. They both LOVED it. Shawney never ate a food so fast before! We started to notice so many great changes after a few weeks on Wellness! Their coats were soft and shiny, they were going to the bathroom less and even had more energy! We love Wellness and wouldn't trust any other dog food for our fur babies! We are very excited about the new CORE Air Dried line! Looking to use it as a topper on their regular CORE recipe. "

— Kristina H., Hingham, MA.

"About a month ago Jasper started refusing to eat his food. After doing some research we found the food he was eating wasn't the best. Rushing out to the store we looked, worried about what he would eat. After talking to other cat owners they quickly suggested Wellness Natural Pet Food CORE Grain Free Original Formula. We bought a bag and rushed home. I've never heard Jasper meow so loudly or be so happy for food. He ate and ate, and even begged for more! Jasper has been eating Wellness CORE Original Formula since and he is a very happy cat!"

— Brianna M., Idaho Falls, ID.

"Giuseppe is my "Best Bud." Giuseppe is ALWAYS by my side. He sleeps on my lap while we watch movies. He lays under my covers at night. Giuseppe is 7 years old and when he started vomiting right after eating his food I began to get concerned. He has never had any tummy troubles. I switched him from commercial wet food to another big brand of pet food. The same thing happened. I tried several kinds of wet foods which he turned his nose up at. Finally, I found Wellness Complete Health Turkey Recipe at my local pet food store. It came highly recommended. I barely opened the can and Giuseppe was rubbing against my ankles. I bent down and gave him a sniff of the can to entice him and if he had opposable thumbs, I believe he would have taken the can out of my hand! I have never smelled such FRESH wet food & Giuseppe agrees. No more tummy trouble! Thanks Wellness! "

— Christianne A., Warminster, PA.

"The rumor that labs eat everything is far from the truth! Marco has been picky eater since day one. He refused every brand of dog food that the breeder recommended. My mom has used Wellness Complete Health Healthy Weight for her lab for years so I decided to give it a try. He did eat it, by hand only, but I knew I found a brand he liked. Because of allergies, I read numerous reviews on Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient and really hoped he'd love it. At last!! I no longer had to hand feed him. He loved the Salmon & Potatoes formula as well as the Wellness Simple Healthy Weight Salmon & Peas formula. His skin's redness cleared, and it gave him more energy. We are so happy with Wellness Natural Pet Food. Thank you Wellness for calming my nerves and helping our angel live a happy and healthy life."

— Shannon C., Granada Hills, CA.

"In December 2013, my best friend and I rescheduled a kitten from outside that had been crying all night during our first snowfall of the year. Not wanting to take her to the local SPCA, we brought her home and fell in love. Brooke is playful, mischievous and my little shadow. We recently moved into a new home with a dog and Brooke has had a hard time adjusting. She developed a UTI and I was instructed by the vet to only feed her wet food. Wellness wet food was a miracle. It is healthy, packaged in large cans, and the only food Brooke came running for. Now that Brooke is back to normal, she is eating Wellness Complete Health Indoor Health Deboned Chicken & Chicken Meal Recipe and I mix in Wellness Complete Health Chicken & Herring Recipe because I love the ingredients, and nothing is more important to me than her health. "

— Sara R., Lansdale, PA.