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We’re proud to know that we’ve inspired a lot of ‘true believers’ who have seen the difference our food makes in their pets’ lives. Share your story and inspire others to discover True Wellness®.

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"I met Como during a major transition point in my life. I had been looking to adopt a Husky but just didn't have the adequate space for a large dog in my NY apartment. I fell in love with Como at first sight, and at 8 weeks of age, she came home with me and became the love of my life! Como has a sensitive tummy. Wellness Just for Puppy Treats has been our go-to treat and only branded (non-homemade) treat since her first day home. She loves her delicious treats. And mommy loves the fact that she gets excellent nutrition. Thank you, Wellness, for your high quality products and for putting our pets first! "

— Seline K., New York, NY

"This is Greyson. He LOVES to eat Wellness products, especially Complete Health Chicken & Lobster recipe. I feel better feeding him a better quality food. He is big and strong for only 7 months old. Solid muscle and no fat! He is a very healthy kitty. He is very smart too, and seems to understand new things right away. Greyson loves to cuddle as well as play hard. I choose his name because he was grey with darker stripes and he was the only "son" of Mama kitty, so it made sense to name him Greyson. He knows his name and likes it. "

— John M., Ambridge, PA

"For the first year Hugo was eating Wellness Complete Health Kitten Health Recipe, he was doing great but I was interested in a grain-free formula. Hugo has now been on CORE® Grain-Free Turkey, Turkey Meal & Duck Formula for the last few months and his coat is much softer and has a great energy level! "

— Marn A., New York, NY

"I got Hudson at 7 weeks old; we juggled from dog food to dog food trying to figure out which one is the best for him, and which dog food his stomach could handle. After trying 5 different brands and no luck, we stumbled upon Wellness Complete Health Large Breed Adult Deboned Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe. Hudson loved the taste, and I loved that it was healthy. He also wasn't allergic to anything in it. Shortly after we become members of the Wellness family we started exploring the WellBarsPure Rewards, and WellBites. I have the happiest and healthiest dog thanks to Wellness dog food. Knowing that my dog is being fed genuine dog food without added fillers is the best feeling in the world."

— Shana W., Gasport, NY

"Five years ago, I glanced out the patio door and saw a kitten eating popcorn that I threw in the yard for birds. As I walked towards him, the kitten ran away. With persistence, I was able to coax him to me. It turns out he had been abandoned, so I adopted him and named him Piki. Piki developed bad allergies and was always sneezing and his mouth and nose were often swollen. I took him to three different vets and nothing seemed to work. I finally did my own research and found that cats can have grain allergies. That's when I tried Wellness CORE Original Formula dry food. Within a week of eating Wellness the symptoms were gone. I only wish I had realized sooner. All four of my cats now enjoy Wellness CORE and Healthy Indulgence pouches The second most incredible thing I found is how soft their fur has become. Thank you Wellness for my cats’ comfort and wellbeing."

— Helen M., Tarpon Springs, FL