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We’re proud to know that we’ve inspired a lot of ‘true believers’ who have seen the difference our food makes in their pets’ lives. Share your story and inspire others to discover True Wellness®.

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"Sophie has a habit of licking herself to excess which results in vomiting daily. Trips to the vet did not help and she refused any hairball treatments. I was getting desperate because I knew this vomited had to be bad for her. Then tried the new Wellness Natural Hairball Control and this food is absolutely amazing! The results were almost immediate, within 2 days she stopped vomiting, I could not believe it! She also lost some weight and likes to play again. If anyone has a cat with hairball problems try this food because it’s life changing!"

— Joyce H., Churubusco, IN.

"Benzo LBJ is our rescue pup that we love and spoil. We believe Benzo LBJ is a lab/golden retriever mix, but because we rescued him we are not 100% sure. Our picky little eater went through 3 brands before falling in love with Wellness! He loved the Wellness Complete Health Puppy Dry Formula and the small bites it allowed while he was teething. Now he loves the Wellness Large Breed Complete Health Dry Formula and it will help him to grow nice & strong. He loves his food in his bowl and also thrown in the air for some training time! We will never change his food and would love more than anything for Wellness to recognize how cute and lovable our little pup is!"

— Courtney O., Beverly, MA.

"Sasha was rescued at just 10 weeks old! Lucky for us, she endured no hardships or trauma to recover from, but was left in the care of elderly dog owners who did not have the capacity to train the young puppies. Sasha is the light of our lives and only gets the very best, that is why we believe in Wellness philosophy in providing all of her essential nutrients in a grain, soy, and corn free diet. We are so pleased and have never experienced any digestive issues with your products. Additionally, Sasha is well socialized and at all her puppy play parties she is constantly receiving complements on the fullness and silkiness of her beautiful coat thanks to her healthy diet. We love Sasha and Sasha loves Wellness Complete Health Small Breed Puppy Turkey, Oatmeal & Salmon Meal Recipe!"

— Reanne S., Oakland, CA.

We adopted Graycen at 6 months of age from a friend that could not keep her any longer. She was eating a very expensive brand of food that was not agreeing with her at all. After a ton of research and a couple of trips to the Vet we decided it was either chicken or grain that must not be agreeing with Graycens belly. We decided to try Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Adult Whitefish & Menhaden Dry Dog food. I would say within two feedings Graycens belly was totally agreeing with the food and she was thriving! What a relief! Graycen is growing into a strong and beautiful Great Dane and I believe that the Wellness brand has a lot to do with that! We also have a Labrador that we switched over to this dog food and he is loving it and doing well also. The transition for him was seamless. Thank you for continuing to produce solid pet foods that have great ingredients for all types of dogs and health issues. We all love our pets and I feel confident in the Wellness Brand!"

— Sandra M., Fort Wayne, IN.

"Everyone says Jessie is a little spoiled because she will stick her nose up to any other food but Wellness. She loves her CORE Grain-Free Ocean dry dog recipe. She looks amazing with the softest coat and beautiful skin, she’s always full of energy and ready to work. Jessie loves the lure course and swimming due to her healthy weight. The best thing we did was switch her to Wellness! "

— Sarah L., Bonnieville, KY.