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We’re proud to know that we’ve inspired a lot of ‘true believers’ who have seen the difference our food makes in their pets’ lives. Share your story and inspire others to discover True Wellness®.

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"Bandit is a 15 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Mini Poodle mix. He has been eating Wellness Small Breed Complete Health Puppy Turkey, Oatmeal & Salmon Recipe ever since his first day home. He is a happy and healthy puppy who absolutely loves everyone he meets! He has to say hello to everyone he encounters. He is such a sweet puppy who loves his belly rubs. I know that I can prepare him for a happy and healthy life ahead when I give him the highest quality of food. He has been an incredible addition to my family!"

— Stephanie E., King of Prussia, PA.

"Tucker is only 8 months old but already weighs a whopping 10 pounds! He is growing fast and needs the right nutrients to stay healthy and happy, which is why we pick Wellness Pet Food! He loves his Complete Health Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal & Rice Recipe, and enjoys Wellness wet food as a special treat! The wholesome ingredients in Wellness keep him and his brothers happy, healthy, and energetic- just like we like them! Tucker and his best friend (a golden retriever) play hard and sleep harder all throughout the day with the help of their nutritious and delicious food!"

— Grace M., Atlanta, GA.

"When we adopted Bandit, he was sadly ridden with skin problems and a low thyroid. I looked for the best food out there with little to no grain in it, to help his coat. I stumbled upon Wellness CORE Grain Free Ocean Formula and within a month, his dandruff diminished greatly, and his coat had more shine, and grew fuller. On CORE, I am completely satisfied, and Bandit is as well! He loves the taste, and he's a very picky eater. He took to Wellness at lightning speed, and as you can see from the photo, he looks like a million dollars! His energy level has improved as well on this formula. Everyone should know that quality of dog food DOES matter! I am forever grateful to Wellness for helping Bandit enjoy a great life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

— Veronica P., Philadelphia, PA.

"You'll often find Andy looking out the window for birds and squirrels or on his humans laps and even chasing his kitty sister. All of these fun activities create a big appetite for this hungry boy. We recently discovered Wellness canned chicken recipe at the local pet store and have never seen them eat so quickly and happily. They love saucy wet food which is exactly what Wellness offers. Andy wants to thank Wellness for making their new favorite food! We are happy to have found the product during their early years of life. Thank you!"

— Reana G., Martinez, CA.

"Holly is the first kitten I have ever owned and we are just loving her so much!! When I brought her home I put her on a different brand of dry food and mixed in Wellness canned recipes. After some time I have decided to put her on just the Wellness CORE Grain-Free Kitten Formula. She absolutely loves all of Wellness canned recipes too! She cries when it's time for her to be fed. We just love this new addition to our home and she just loves eating her Wellness Natural Pet Food!"

— Becky F., Richmond, MI