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A Showcase from Pet Parents Who Have Had Outstanding Results

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We’re proud to know that we’ve inspired a lot of ‘true believers’ who have seen the difference our food makes in their pets’ lives. Share your story and inspire others to discover True Wellness®.

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"Abby and her siblings Huxley and Nyx thrive on Wellness CORE®. They have shiny coats, great muscle tone and lots of energy and focus to do the sports we enjoy. We use the Wellness CORE Grain-Free Original as our "base" and then use a variety of canned CORE recipes and Wellness Stews to make their meals more enjoyable and complete. The canned CORE works particularly well as a stuffer for dog toys because you’re offering a treat as well as entertainment. I love the product line and I am very excited about the new Wellness CORE Superfood Protein Bars that are out now! I am sure the dogs will be equally excited once they get a good whiff of the new goodies!"

— Lisa D., Dayton, OH

"My Babygirl is the queen of the house! She lives here with myself and Teddybear, a male Siamese who weighs about twenty pounds. She weighs about five pounds, but her lightning-fast left and right jabs keep Teddybear in line. Both were rescued as kittens from a wooded area behind a grocery store. And, since I switched to Wellness Complete Health Complete Health Salmon, Salmon Meal & Deboned Turkey Recipe, their coats, eyes, energy level and digestive systems have improved drastically. Thank you Wellness!"

— Mrs. Nagy, Hudson, FL

"Casper was diagnosed with a cardiomyopathy in the fall of 2013, just before turning 3. We immediately began searching for a dry food that was low in sodium and still offered him a well-balanced diet. The service team at Wellness advised us that the Complete Health Healthy Weight recipe matched what we were searching for to meet his dietary needs. Since we switched to Wellness, we have seen a great difference in him and Abby, our golden. Both have softer and healthier coats, display more energy as they play and engage with each other and our family. They truly seem to be in better shape! Although we know a food cannot cure Casper, switching brands has made a drastic difference in his quality of life - as well as Abby's. We will never go back to another dog food!"

— Christina L., Seven Valleys, PA

"We brought Tessa home in March of 2010 from the Centre County Pennsylvania Adoption Center. She was apparently abandoned by her previous owner and turned in to the shelter. In spite of being undersize and underweight for her age, her intelligence and sweet, sparkling personality were impossible to resist. We immediately started her on a combined diet of Wellness Complete Health canned and dry foods. Nine months later, she's the picture of vibrant health and happiness. Just look at that gorgeous, glossy coat!"

— Michael R., PA

"I'd never had a pet until this lovely little calico kitten appeared on my kitchen windowsill. She was so cute that I had to keep her. She was weak and sick with a cold so I took her to a veterinarian and then started a search for the best food I could give her to help build up her strength. I researched cat foods and read good things about Wellness, so I bought a can. She loved it and she got stronger and healthy. Now she’s bursting with energy. She is also very smart and I think this is because she eats good-quality food. She is great company for me and I adore her. I truly believe I'm giving her the best possible diet by feeding her Wellness."

— Karen T., Chatam, ON