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7 Pawesome Dog Videos on TikTok to Make You Smile



Dogs bring us cozy comfort, give us the warm fuzzies, make us laugh, and make us smile just by being their lovable, loyal, and clever selves. Because no one can get enough dog videos (present company included), we’ve compiled a list of seven of TikToks most “pawesome” dog videos to watch right now.

1. Bunny Doesn't Like Baths

Bunny the Dog, the famous fur baby behind the TikTok account whataboutbunny is famous for being able to use a button training communication device to talk to her owner. In this video with more than 2.3 million views, the Sheepapoodle bunny lets her know that she is not a fan of baths by consistently stepping on the “mad” button. Not only is the video funny and cute, but it also makes us wish that all communication could be this direct and amiable.

Click here for the video.

2. Atlas is all the Full House You Need

This video featuring Atlas the Dog of the Atlas Golden TikTok account is adorable and hilarious. Set to the “Full House” soundtrack, the throwback tunes and the “wait for it” moment in the video will make you smile and possibly laugh. After that, check out more of the adorable Atlas’s videos.

Click here for the video.

3. Jack and Jill are Best Friends

The friendship between Jax and Jillian on the TikTok account jaxandjillthegoldens is the sweetness the world needs right now. The video of Jill showing who her best friend is can’t be viewed enough. Also, the video of the family when they decided to adopt Jill is possibly one of the most relatable dog-family videos ever.

For the best friends video, click here.

For the Jill coming home video, click here.

4. Three Dogs, One Resting Spot

Ever wonder where three golden retrievers in one house sleep? Samandlevi.thegoldenboys have the answer, and it’s as predictably cute as you imagined. Before you watch, take a wild guess as to whether it’s the dog beds, the padded kennels (one for each), the luxe couch, or something else. Watch the video to see if you guessed correctly!

Click here for the video.

5. Lady and the Blues Learns to Boop

One Google search later, and it seems that “booping” is teaching your dog to stick their nose through something (thanks, Urban Dictionary!). While Lady the Golden Retriever of ladyandtheblues has a TikTok account to binge the day away on, the video of Lady doing “boops” is equally awesome and smile worthy. It might make you want to teach your own dog to boop.

Click here for the video.

6. Winston the Corgi Isn’t Very Fast (But He’s Very Cute)

Winston is a Corgi pup and the star of the winston_the__corgi TikTok account. Like Lady (okay, all of them), it’s impossible to get enough of Winston’s videos; however, in this one, Winston and his tiny little legs try to outrun his owner as he carries a sock in his mouth. Prepare to say, “Awe!”

Click here for the video.

7. Luna the Mini Cockapoo’s Hugs & Kisses Are the Love We All Need

This may be the sweetest video on TikTok. Luna of lunatheminicockapoo gives her owner a hug and a kiss before they go out each day. The love is real, and it will make you smile (and possibly cry). Everybody needs a hug like that every day (and if one’s not available because you don’t have a dog yet, at least enjoy the one shared by Luna and her owner).

Click here for the video.

Dogs are the greatest and whether they’re snuggled up at our feet, pawing us for a treat, or running around our rooms, they’re the best and are guaranteed to always make us smile. This is why dogs deserve to be “treated” with the best of care in all ways including diet. Share the love and put a smile on your dog’s face by feeding them delicious, natural treats and foods like those made at Wellness Pet Food.

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