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What is Digestibility in Pet Food? A Quick Guide to the Basics

Dr. Danielle Bernal

By Dr. Danielle Bernal


Digestion impacts your pet’s day-to-day life immensely. As pet parents, feeding your pet a food that is not just yummy, but also nutritious, is key to their wellbeing. If high digestibility is included in that, you’ve got a winning combo. It’s important to feed them the right recipes so they can benefit from healthy skin, a lustrous coat, sustained energy levels and more. After all, their wellbeing starts from within.

Let’s Define Digestibility

Digestibility refers to the process of digestion where large, complex food molecules of many nutrients are broken down into their simplest forms so that nutrient absorption and their use by the body can take place. When it comes specifically to pet food, the digestibility of a recipe is referring to the percentage of the food or nutrients that are completely digested, used, or absorbed by the dog or cat.

Beginning in the mouth, the process of digestion begins with pet chewing their food and its mixture with saliva. Digestion then continues throughout the gastrointestinal system with the mixing, and movement of food before ending with the excretion of waste products and undigested food particles in the feces.

The digestibility of a recipe will not only impact the size and quality of your pet’s stools, but it can also impact your pet’s tendency to clear a room with their flatulence as well as more importantly support their overall health and long-term wellbeing.  

What is Highly Digestible Pet Food?

The digestibility of a recipe is determined by a calculation of the percentage of a food that the dog or cat absorbs into his or her body during the process of digestion.  With numerous factors such as the fiber amounts, the quality of the ingredients and the overall composition of the recipe impacting digestibility, the results can vary greatly by brand as well as by recipe. 

Highly digestible nutrition means your pet can truly get the most out of their food as majority of all nutrients in that recipe are available for the dog or cat to absorb and use within their body. For you, this is your way of knowing that you have chosen to feed a diet of the highest nutritional value and quality.

Introducing Wellness CORE Digestive Health

Knowing the importance of delivering the highest quality nutrition to optimize digestibility, Wellness CORE is now launching Wellness CORE Digestive Health. With highly digestible recipes, Wellness CORE Digestive Health promotes nutrient absorption whilst optimizing a healthy digestive tract because Wellness, a lifetime of wellbeing starts from within.

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Dr. Danielle Bernal
Dr. Danielle Bernal

Dr. Bernal has over a decade of experience in veterinary medicine, specializing in animal nutrition. In her role as on-staff veterinarian with Wellness Pet Food, she educates pet parents on the importance of natural ingredients like wholesome meats and nutrient-rich superfoods. She passionately believes that proper nutrition helps pets lead happier, healthier lives. Dr. Bernal has been featured in radio, TV and print stories in numerous countries.

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