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Pet of the Month

Welcome to the Wellness Pet of the Month Contest

This Month's Winner: Angus

Wellness Product Choice: CORE® Grain-Free Weight Management Formula
Pet Of The Month

Peoples' lives change and when a shelter placed a photo of those brown eyes and wrinkled brow online for adoption I knew I had found my best friend in Angus. At eight years old, Angus is a gentle giant who loves short walks, long naps, and brief, brisk whirling and twirling play times. But Angus really puts the massive in mastiff with his monstrous appetite. There is nothing he loves more than food which is why having CORE Grain-Free Reduced Fat Recipe has been so important, especially after two knee surgeries. With a good diet Angus is able to bring smiles to small children who cross his path and think he is a small horse, to enjoy sunbathing on the occasional day the grey parts in Seattle, and allow me the privilege of sharing my life with him - a life where Andrew and Angus get to start and end each day together - and where he makes the good days great and the hard days better. Because that's what a best friend is all about.

-Andrew H., Seattle WA

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How the Contest Works

Each month Wellness® will pick one (1) winner for our website. The winner’s photograph will be posted on the Pet of the Month page of our website for one (1) month and then will be put in our Photo Gallery.

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