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Pet of the Month

Welcome to the Wellness Pet of the Month Contest

This Month's Winner: Kennedy

Wellness Product Choice: CORE® Grain-Free Reduced Fat Formula
Pet Of The Month

Kennedy was diagnosed with a stomach condition just after her 1st birthday and was put on prescription food. She never liked the prescription food too much & her coat became dry. She also started licking & developing infections on her paws. I did research & discovered that Wellness CORE Grain-Free Reduced Fat Formula was EXTREMELY close in protein/fat/fiber to this prescription food & CORE would be A LOT better for her. I spoke to my vet and he agreed to try a different food. Within 3 months, her coat improved dramatically. She stopped licking her paws and resumed eating regularly. Kennedy has now been on Wellness for about 1.5 years & almost every time we are out, people comment on her coat & how shiny it is. I attribute the coat change to Wellness. About 6 mo ago, I also started mixing in some of the Wellness Core Grain-Free Wild Game Formula into her food & she LOVES it. Kennedy is a therapy dog & I attribute Wellness to her ongoing health & vitality. She also recently became certified as a Crisis Response Dog with HOPE AACR. 

-Sara Margaret G., Nederland TX

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How the Contest Works

Each month Wellness® will pick one (1) winner for our website. The winner’s photograph will be posted on the Pet of the Month page of our website for one (1) month and then will be put in our Photo Gallery.

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