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What to Get Your Dog for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to love, affection, and loyalty, let’s be honest…dogs are the real MVP, and since Valentine’s Day is the holiday devoted to showing the ones you love most with tokens of your affection, we thought we’d share some of the best gifts to get your dog for Valentine’s Day.

Heart-Shaped Dog Treats

The saying goes that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, which makes sense, right? Feeding a person delicious food and treats is akin to feeding them with love. The same is true for your dog. Your dog loves treats just as much as you do, so why not get your dog Valentine’s Day treats?

old mother hubbard bits of love

Of course, not just any old dog treat will do. They need to be special. The best Valentine’s Day treats for dogs are hands-down Old Mother Hubbard Bits of Love. These dog treats are adorably-shaped like little hearts and come in the iconic and dog-approved P-Nuttier flavor. Your dog’s Valentine’s Day treats will taste like peanut butter and molasses. Yum!

They’ll also be healthy as they’re made with natural ingredients like real oats, eggs, carrots, and apples. Delicious and guilt-free…your dog’s Valentine’s Day treat doesn’t get any more delicious than that. Happy eater, happy treater!

A Treat for the Valentine’s Day Dog Treats

You can make the gift of Bits of Love dog treats even better by gifting your dog with a puzzle toy like the Brick Puzzle Game Dog Toy. Puzzle toys stimulate your dog’s cognitive functioning, which keeps them young and get some mental exercise in. That’s especially important during these frigid days!

You’ll love watching your little smarty paws find their sweet-heart treats in the puzzle, and your dog will love finding them.

A *Lovely* New Outfit

Another great Valentine’s Day gift for dogs is a new outfit. It’s winter, and your dog’s comfort is a priority. Invest in a posh new outfit for your dog as a Valentine’s Day gift. Plus, every dog looks great in red and rosy hues and they’re more visible for when you’re both out for a walk.

The Frisco Dog Cable Knit Sweater is a top-rated option that comes in every size from extra small to triple extra large.

Other great clothing options are the Sherpa fleece dog coat, which comes in customizable sizing as well as the classic dog drying coat. You may not be aware, but dogs are at a greater risk for hypothermia when they’re both cold and wet. The drying coat keeps your dog both warm and safe. What a great Valentine’s Day gift for your dog!

A Chic New Tote for Your Dog

So, technically this Valentine’s Day dog gift is also for you, but your dog wants you to be happy, too. If you have a smaller dog who travels with you, then the Béis Everyday Pet Tote is what you need. It’s made with nylon and vegan leather. It has a faux fur lining and features zinc alloy hardware. It’s got a padded laptop sleeve as well as space for your phone, wallet, keys, etc.

It’s perfect for the pet parent who takes their fur baby to work or who just likes to have one bag that does it all. This stylish and comfy tote comes in beige and black.

Playful Toys for Curiosity and Stress Relief

Another fun Valentine’s Day gift for dogs is toys. Dogs love plush toys to chew and canoodle with. These are a few that are appropriately heart-shaped and fun and stimulating:

A Massage Toy for Ultra Relaxation

Massages are amazing. As it turns out, dogs love them just as much as people do. One of the best massagers for dogs is made by Vetnique Labs. The Vetnique Labs Furbliss Pet Brush is a silicone dog massager not only helps your dog relax, but it also assists with grooming your dog during bath. It’s a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for any dog.

Hug, Love, & Quality Time

Okay, so it might be a little cheesy, but the best and most important gift to get your dog regardless of what else you get for them is love and affection. Dogs are like humans…they just want to connect with you.

Connection happens when we spend time together and show our love and affection through hugs and cuddles. We assure you that quality time will be the most important gift you get your dog for Valentine’s Day.

Dogs are the most lovable animals, and what better time to show them how much you love them than at Valentine’s Day? We at Wellness Pet Food show dogs our love by creating natural pet foods and treats because we want dogs to be both happy and healthy.

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