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#LifeAtWellPet- Colleen & Uzi

Colleen & Uzi  (German Shepherd)

1. What’s your role at Wellness/WellPet?

I am the Customer Service Representative for our ecommerce accounts and natural distributors.

2. Which three adjectives best describe your pet?

Handsome, wild and affectionate

3. What’s your pet’s favorite Wellness recipe?

Uzi is on Wellness Grain-Free CORE Large Breed Recipe and absolutely loves it.

4. What does “Wellness” mean to you and your pet?

To me, Wellness means a happy, healthy, and active pet that is full of life.  To Uzi, Wellness means lots of energy for playing outside!

5. How is your pet part of your family?

Uzi is by my side every second I am home.  He brings so much happiness into my life.  Any stress or worry just disappears the moment I see his furry face.

6. What is life like working at WellPet?

Life is fun working at WellPet.  One of the most enjoyable things is that everyone is passionate about animals.  I’m not the only crazy dog lady around here!

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Dogs and Cats

Orange, yellow and red leaves line the streets and the Halloween costumes are put away for another year. You know what that means! It’s only a few short weeks until Thanksgiving!

And while you check your guest list and count your serving utensils, don’t forget about your pets.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful tradition of food and family, but for your four-legged family members, it can present hazards. While Great Aunt Mabel preps her famous sweet potato casserole, Max and Fluffy can get into the trash behind her back and get dangerously sick.

Think of the traditional Thanksgiving foods, there’s fatty turkey trimmings – hello upset tummy! There’s cranberry sauce (loaded with sugar), dressing with onions, and other foods that can turn your Thanksgiving into an evening at the emergency vet.

Top Thanksgiving Hazards for Pets

1-      Fatty foods – Turkey skin is fatty. If you or a well-meaning guest give your dog turkey skin, your dog could develop a painful condition known as pancreatitis. It doesn’t take much either. Some dogs have sickened and even died from ingesting a small amount.

Other foods that are dangerous are onions, raisins, grapes and chocolate. So, don’t feed your pets dressing or chocolate pie either.

If you have guests who may be inclined to “share” with your four legged friends, please encourage them otherwise. Instead, allow your pet to join in the fun with some healthy pet treats like Wellness Kittles with Turkey & Cranberries for cats or Wellness CORE Marrow Roasts Savory Turkey Recipe for dogs.

2-      Trash – Whether it’s a tempting turkey carcass or a pile of “scraps,” the lure of the garbage may be too much for even the best-behaved pets to handle. It’s a good idea to exercise your “pet management” skills by either keeping your pets safely out of food prep areas or keeping the trash well out of reach – probably behind a cupboard door.

3-      Decorations – Lighted candles, crepe paper, and other decorations can prove hazardous to your pet’s health if they’re of the mind to chew on anything available or haven’t yet learned about fire. Keep an eye on them when they’re around and be alert for any unusual behavior.

4-      Be Aware of Poisoning Symptoms – Gastro intestinal upsets like vomiting or diarrhea are common symptoms of poisoning. This can occur when your pet has ingested things like chocolate, raisins, onions and other foods their bodies aren’t equipped to digest.

From toxicity to severe gastro-intestinal problems to blockages caused by splintered bones, the Thanksgiving table is rife with potential pet hazards.

If you suspect your pet ate something he or she shouldn’t have, call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Poison Control hotline immediately. 888-426-4435.

While food is a big part of pet hazards at Thanksgiving, crowds and traveling are two other considerations.

Crowds – Like people, some pets are fine with crowds while others would prefer the safety of a quiet place away from the noise. You know your pets the best. If they’re used to having the run of the house, you might choose to allow that but if they seem stressed or nervous around visiting toddlers, then you can escort them (your pets) to peace and quiet.

Road Tripping – If a road trip to Grandma’s is in your future, make sure your pets have secure kennels to ride in. Roaming pets can lead to distracted driving which can lead to traffic accidents.  Flying has its own rules of course and they vary by airline so you’ll want to check with them.

Now that you know these top Thanksgiving pet safety tips, exercise a little precaution when it comes to your pets and let your biggest concern be a perfectly cooked turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving!

#LifeAtWellPet- Carly & Bob

Life at WellPet

Carly & Bob- Domestic Longhair/Maine Coon Mix

1. What’s your role at Wellness/WellPet? I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist so I work on things like website updates and managing our social media communities.

2. Which three adjectives best describe Bob?

Self-assured, affectionate and tenacious.

3. What’s Bob’s favorite Wellness recipe?

He loves all Wellness recipes, especially Kittles with Tuna & Cranberries and CORE Whitefish, Salmon & Herring wet recipe.

4. What does “Wellness” mean to you and Bob?

We maintain a state of Wellness by embracing our natural strengths and interests, and taking steps with nutrition, exercise and gratitude to improve health and happiness.  And for Bob, nothing makes him as happy as hearing the pop of a wet food can lid!

5. How is Bob of your family?

Bob is always close by! He follows me from room to room, and snuggles with me on the couch at the end of the day. From the first time we met him at the shelter, he became a cherished, loved member of the family.

Isn’t Every Day National Cat Day?

If your cat is anything like ours, every day is cat day at your house. Five am? It’s time for canned food, aka, “tuna time”. Sunny day? “Please open the door so I can lounge on the deck.” There’s no doubt our cats are spoiled and we enjoy spoiling them.

To keep your whiskered-friends happy and healthy on this special day and every day in between, we recommend treating them with a tasty, nutritious snack like Wellness Kittles. Kittles are under 2 calories each, are grain-free and have addicting tastes. You can even pick up one of three scrumptious new flavors–Duck & Cranberries, Turkey & Cranberries or Whitefish & Cranberries!

You might be wondering how National Cat Day started. Since 2005, Founder and cat-vocate Colleen Paige has championed the causes of all cats and designated Oct. 29 as the official day of “All Things Cat,” otherwise known as National Cat Day. Not only is it another excuse to treat your cats, but it’s also an opportunity to help shelter cats find their fur-ever homes. And one of the trendiest new ways to promote cat adoption involves socializing with adoptable cats in a cozy environment– a cat café!

For the Cat Obsessed, There is the Cat Café

In essence, these are coffee shops where the felines roam. They’ll cozy up to you as you sip a hot beverage. Originally popular across Taiwan and Japan, the first cat café opened August 2014 in Montreal. Since then, they’ve spread across Canada and the United States.

Many of these cafés partner with pet shelters who bring in friendly kitties to play and cuddle with patrons. They offer another avenue to adoption, one where you can get a sense of the cats’ personalities that can be hard to see when they’re caged at the shelter. Take Green Street Animal Rescue in Philadelphia, Le Chat Café, where for $12 you can spend a blissful hour visiting with the resident felines.  Since opening in March 2016, Le Chat Café has helped 19 kitties find their forever homes.

There are cat cafés in Boston, NYC, San Francisco and even Charleston, SC and some of them offer yoga classes, children’s story time and other special events.

If you’re not near a cat café and aren’t able to adopt a cat right now, you can still get a kitty fix. Most pet shelters are in need of volunteers and a quick phone call can score you the opportunity to come in and clean cages, brush kitties and otherwise lend a hand.

This National Cat Day, help spread the word about adoptable cats so that one day, they can all live healthily and happily in their forever homes!

National Kale Day – Wellness Recipes with Kale

It’s National Kale Day! This nutrient-dense green isn’t just for trendsetting humans anymore. We include kale in many of our natural Wellness recipes for pets. It’s a powerful antioxidant and contains natural fiber and a variety of vitamins and minerals. It is also known to potentially have anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a great addition to part of a complete and balanced natural pet food recipe. Browse through some of the Wellness recipes that contain “the queen of greens”:

Wellness CORE Grain Free Dry Formula:

Grain-free CORE Original can help support your dog’s optimal health with turkey, chicken, salmon oil and fruits and vegetables. High-protein CORE can help encourage healthy digestion and increase energy.
Nutrient-dense and enhanced with antioxidants and probiotics
No meat by-products or fillers (see all ingredients below)
No grain, corn, soy, wheat-gluten or artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
Fish and flax omega blend for healthy skin and coat
Available in: 4 lb, 12 lb, 24 lb and 26 lb bags
*Size and selection may vary by retailer

Grain-free CORE Original can help support your dog’s optimal health with turkey, chicken, salmon oil and fruits and vegetables. High-protein CORE can help encourage healthy digestion and increase energy.

Nutrient-dense and enhanced with antioxidants and probiotics

No meat by-products or fillers (see all ingredients below)

No grain, corn, soy, wheat-gluten or artificial preservatives, colors or flavors

Fish and flax omega blend for healthy skin and coat

Available in: 4 lb, 12 lb, 24 lb and 26 lb bags

*Size and selection may vary by retailer


Wellness CORE Grain Free Wet Formula Weight Management Recipe:

• High-protein, grain-free CORE Weight Management has chicken, pork liver, whitefish and turkey with fruit, vegetables and extra fiber to help achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

• More grain-free fiber so your dog feels fuller longer

• Includes greens and botanicals for optimum health (see all ingredients below)

• Carefully selected and guaranteed mineral levels

• Fish and flax omega blend for healthy skin and coat

• Gluten-free

Available in: 12.5 oz cans


Wellness TruFood Baked Blends Adult Chicken, Chicken Liver & Flaxseed:

Wellness starts with whole-prey chicken and adds grain-free fiber like peas, chickpeas and lentils. We blend in antioxidant-rich superfoods like beets and blueberries and real air-dried fruits and vegetables for balanced, delicious dog food. Anti-inflammatory flaxseeds and wholesome sources of Omega fatty acids, like salmon oil, can support joint health, immune and digestive systems, as well as skin and coat health.

• Carefully blended, nutrient-dense whole foods

• No meat by-products, potato, wheat, corn, or soy fillers, or artificial colors, preservatives and flavors

• Slow baked in small batches for 70% more raw protein than typical kibble diets

• Contains probiotics, coconut oil, chia seeds and other ingredients such as turmeric, ginger and parsley to promote better digestion and overall vitality

Available in: 3 lb and 18 lb bags (1.4 kg and 8.2 kg)


Celebrate Fall with Pet Friendly Fun

Celebrate Fall with Pet Friendly Fun

Fall brings visions of cozy sweaters and romps among fall leaves. After the long, hot summer that blanketed most the U.S. the drop in temperatures practically screams “get outside and have fun!”

Your pets may be feeling it too. Sometimes the cooler temps have your furry friends eager to get outside and make the most of it. Why not join them? Whether you’re up for a simple stroll in a nearby park or want to take the opportunity to do something more adventurous with your best friend, here’s our pick of fun pet friendly fall activities.

At Home

Fall means leaves on the ground that need to be cleaned up. Let your pets “help” you with outdoor chores. They may love jumping in the leaves or simply sitting nearby and supervising your activities.

Play ball. For many people, Fall means football. If you have a dog who loves fetching, make it a point to indulge your dog’s favorite activity.

If you have a fenced in yard, you might invite a few sociable dogs and their people over for an afternoon of fun. The dogs will play chase until they’re exhausted and as everyone knows, a tired dog is a good dog.

Crisp, fall days are perfect for long hikes in the woods or even camping if that’s your thing. BringFido.com has a list of pet-friendly campgrounds around the world.

Of course, it’s ok not to want to hike the Appalachian Trail with your dog. You might both prefer an afternoon of urban enjoyments such as sidewalk dining. Most patios and sidewalks cafes are pooch friendly and some even have dog friendly menus these days like Philadelphia’s Square 1682 at the Hotel Palomar. Imagine dog (and people) watching at an elegant spot.

Plan for Halloween. Get a head start on your pet’s Halloween costume. Whether your dog will be part of an area pet parade or will just don the costume for photo opps, pets in costume are always fun.

Take them to a festival. Fall is festival season and every town has at least one. From Harvest Festivals to art festivals the Fall is packed with opportunities to explore.

Adopt a new hobby. Maybe you’ll teach your cat to walk on a leash. Or, you’ll explore agility training with your border collie. New hobbies are good for both of you. Learning creates new neural networks in your brain and if you have a highly energetic (and smart) breed, a hobby like agility can be the perfect outlet.

How will you enjoy the Fall weather with your pet(s)?

It’s National Dog Day

After all, “Every Dog Will Have His Day” and this year, it’s August 26. National Dog Day is an opportunity to celebrate dogs of all types. Of course, we think every day is an opportunity to celebrate our canine friends so this just makes it extra special.

6 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

1—Yappy Hour – August 26 is a Friday and a summer Friday afternoon seems perfect for a Yappy Hour either at your home or an area restaurant. If your pooch is the social type, you can invite a couple of dog loving pals to meet you at a nearby pet-friendly patio for appetizers and a drink.

2—Doggie Massage – Everyone loves a massage. Why not give your dog one. Start around the shoulders and gently massage in circular motions, then move down to the hips. This is especially good if your dog is feeling stiff joints due to arthritis. Like people massage, there is a bit of an art to it and some veterinarians and pet stores offer dog massage trainings on occasion.

3—Hike – Find a nearby trail and go for a hike. Your pet will love the opportunity to experience the new scents in the woods. Just be sure to keep Fido leashed so he doesn’t run rampant and check him carefully for ticks afterwards.

4— Bath – Time –Your dog may not love being bathed, but everyone feels better clean. When was the last time your dog went to the groomer? If it’s been awhile, why not book an appointment? Your dog will feel great when he comes back.

5- Post a Picture of your Dog on Social Media – You probably don’t need an excuse to do this but share your cute pup photos and add #NationalDogDay so everyone who searches the hashtag can see yours.

6- Donate to Shelters – Toys, food, money, time, even old towels/blankets can help. Many animal shelters need some or all of these. So, if you have the opportunity, please contact your local shelter and see how you can help.

National Dog Day is a chance to not only shower our own pets with love but also remember those less fortunate who are still waiting in the shelters for their forever homes. You can share their pictures in your social media feeds to encourage adoption.

Happy National Dog Day 2016!

Going Grain Free For Your Dog

Going Grain Free for Your Dog: Why and How to Transition to Grain-Free Pet Food

Grain free pet foods are becoming increasingly more popular. Do you have a pup that’s always itchy? Or maybe your cat is experiencing digestive issues? Have you recently started eliminating grains from your diet and want to have your pets to follow the same healthy lifestyle? There are many reasons why as a pet parent, you might choose to try a grain free food.

If You’re Considering Going Grain-Free:

Because grain free foods don’t contain any fillers, you’ll notice the first ingredient will be either chicken, salmon, beef or another meat, poultry or fish protein source. This is why grain free foods are higher in protein than traditional pet foods. While many pets thrive on being fed a higher-protein recipe, some pets may have digestive upset with the increase in protein. That’s why we always recommend discussing any diet changes with your veterinarian first.

And not all grain free pet foods are created equal. It’s important that a grain free food be well balanced, offering an accurate protein to fat and carbohydrates ratio. This will ensure high digestibility and optimum nutrient absorption. Wellness grain free recipes are always complete and balanced, so they’re great for everyday feeding. We also include guaranteed levels of probiotics to help further support digestive health.

A good grain free recipe should also have natural sources of essential fatty acids like flaxseeds and other fruits and veggies as grain-free carbohydrate sources.

Here are some of the benefits you may see in your pet after going grain free:

-Healthy energy levels

-Soft, smooth skin and coat

-Maintenance or improvement of lean muscle mass

-Regular, fully-formed stools

-Potential clearing of food allergy symptoms (if pet has grain sensitivity)

How to Transition

  • Look for a reputable company that includes fresh fruits and veggies in their grain free recipes. (Like Wellness!) Some of our favorite grain free ingredients include superfoods like sweet potatoes and blueberries which provide antioxidant sources.
  • Make it a gradual transition – don’t suddenly switch your pet’s food as that can cause tummy aches. Instead, feed less of one food and replace it with another – over the course of at least a week.
  • See how your pet responds. Most people find that their dog’s stools are harder and denser when they switch to a grain free food. That makes clean up easier.

Wellness has a large variety of grain free dog and cat foods and treats, including our new Wellness Complete Health Grain Free dry dog food. For protein-rich nutrition, there’s also Wellness CORE dog and cat foods.

Do you have any questions about selecting a grain free recipe for your pet? Contact our knowledgeable Consumer Affairs team who can speak with you and make a recommendation: 800.225.0904, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm ET.

International Cat Day Celebrates Kitties Everywhere

You’ve probably heard of the slight obsession the Ancient Egyptians had with cats.  Historians are unclear exactly when the feline adoration began but there is evidence of a part woman/part cat Egyptian goddess named Bastet that dates to ancient times and there are plenty of cat statues. They even mummified their cats in order to preserve them for the afterlife.

One possibility why the Egyptians revered cats so much may be because they saw cats as protectors. As predators, cats routinely killed scorpions and other dangerous creatures who lived in the hot Egyptian climate.

Today’s Housecat

Over the years, cats have taken on a different role. In today’s United States, cats hold a position of prominence as a leading popular pet with approximately 30-37% of Americans sharing a home with at least one cat. Of course, like many pets, they’re adored by their families.

While our cats may take care of an occasional mouse that infiltrates our homes, it’s likely they spend far more time lounging in a ray of sunshine coming in through your window.  This is fine because they have other jobs to do in modern society – like lower your blood pressure.

Multiple studies show stroking a pet can reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. Researchers say it’s a combination of factors including having something to care for and taking the time enjoy a little break in the day to appreciate your cat’s silly antics. All of which disrupts stress signals to your brain and that’s a good thing when it comes to your heart health.

You can thank your cat for his health benefits this August 8, International Cat Day.

How can you roll out the red carpet for your favorite kitty (or kitties?) We recommend special treats (of course) and taking time to pet your favorite feline. Catnip, a few rounds of chase the laser pointer or bat the feather  — can do both of you good. You’ll laugh which is a great stress reliever and your cat will get some exercise. You can also help your kitty shed extra fur by gently brushing your cat to collect those loose hairs (and keep them from being left all over your house.)  Grooming your cat, along with feeding an approved Natural Hairball Control recipe will ensure your kitty stays happy and healthy year-round.


How will you celebrate International Cat Day?

3 Ways to Celebrate DOGust!

What is DOGust you might ask? If you’ve ever shared your life with a rescue pup, you know you’re not aware of their true birthday.  Sure, you can choose a date at random or use your adoption date as your rescue’s special day. Either options are fine, after all, your pup isn’t likely to have strong opinion either way.

But now there’s another option. The North Shore Animal League  – the oldest no-kill shelter in the country, declared Aug 1 as DOGust, the universal birthday of shelter dogs everywhere. Which means, if your rescue doesn’t have a birthday already, why not choose August 1?

Happy Birthday!

To celebrate, they’re having a great big party on August 1st at their Port Washington, NY headquarters and plenty of adoptions specials. Of course, you can also celebrate wherever you are.

3 Ways to Celebrate DOGust

1—Adoption – Adopting a new pup is the ultimate celebration, but we know that’s not always possible. So in lieu of adopting, you can donate money and/or share available pets via your social media feeds. You may be able to help someone ELSE find the furry love of his or her life!

2—Pawty – You can choose to host a doggie birthday party with your dog loving friends in a fenced in yard. Since it is August and hot across most of the country, water games are appropriate. Kiddie pools filled with cool water, sprinklers and some DIY frozen treats will help ensure the pups don’t get too hot! Play dates are great for sending everyone home with tired and happy dogs.

Pool Pawty

3—Share — Share your pet rescue photos on Facebook and Instagram. If you use the hashtag #DOGust, The North Shore Animal League will be sure to see them and will share via social media.

DOGust comes but once a year, how will you celebrate?