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21 Ways to Tell Your Pet You Love Them in 2021

Expressing your love goes far beyond saying “I love you.” As it turns out, there are limitless ways to show and to share love with your pet. These are 21 wonderful ways to tell your pet that you love them in 2021. After a tumultuous year with our pets by our side the whole way, repaying them with gestures of love is only fitting.

1. Talk Sweetly

The way we speak to our pets is a major love language. Talking to your pets in warm, soft, sweet, or affectionate tones sends a clear message to your pet: I care about you. I love you. You are valuable to me.

2. Shower Them with Kisses

Pets like to groom and to kiss as we like to believe. Pets also know that our kisses—as in when we pucker-up—are a show of love and affection, so don’t be shy about getting on the floor and kissing your pet on their sweet little face. Just be ready for a potentially slobbery return of your affections.

3. Put the Phone Down

Pet feelings get hurt just as ours do when those we love are distracted (enamored?) by their phones. When you’re spending quality time with your pet, put the phone down. Be completely involved.

4. Take Them for Extra Walks

Pets love spending time with their parents. Spend extra time with your pet by taking them for extra walks. It’s good for both of you; it gets your endorphins up, and time spent together is a love language understood by all.

5. Go Outside with Them When They Use the Bathroom

Another way to spend time with your pet is to go outside with them when they have to use the bathroom. Rather than sighing and reluctantly going to open the door, walk out with them and congratulate them for a job well done when they’ve finished their business. Positive reinforcement reinforces the love.

6. Give Them Healthy Treats

Pets that are “treated” well know that that they are loved. A tasty way to tell your pet you love them is to give them a high-quality pet treat. Healthy treats won’t damage their diets, and they taste yummy.

give your dog a healthy treat

7. Groom Them

A clean pet feels great; give your pet regular baths to keep them feeling and smelling fresh. Plus, the lather and the rinse will feel like a massage, which is definitely a loving show of physical affection.

8. Give Them a Mani-Pedi

Dogs and cats alike can get ingrown nails, nails that grow too long, etc. Even if your cat has a scratching post, all pets need to have their nails trimmed and filed. Get cozy on the couch and show your love by trimming your pet’s nails.

9. Take Them to the Groomers

While cats are natural groomers, dogs have a harder time with DIY self-care. Take your pet to the groomers for the full treatment…cleaning, trimming, brushing, etc. Think of the way you feel after a new “do.” Your pet feels the same way and will be grateful that you care about their comfort.

10. Take a Class Together

As mentioned before, spending quality time together is a great way to show your pet you love them. Take a class together to learn a new trick or explore a new community group. Google search animal classes and meetups in your area to see what’s available. Make sure to keep precautions top of mind to ensure social distancing efforts.

11. Lay Down and Cuddle with Them

When pets want to hug us, they get close. When they do this, hug them back. Lay or sit down on their level, lean into them, and hug them back. This shows that you accept their show of affection and that they aren’t being rejected and that their love is reciprocated.

12. Brush Them

Between trips to the groomers, get the good brush out and give your pet an extra brushing. It feels great! You may also start to notice a little less fur gathering in the corners of your house!

13. Learn Their Language

Watch a YouTube video or invest in a book that teaches what our pet’s faces, gestures, blinks, etc. are communicating, so you can be a good listener and ultimately a better pet parent.

14. Give Them Healthy Food

Show your pet you love them and want them to be with you for a long time by feeding them healthy (and tasty) food. Food can determine quality and duration of life (for pets and their humans!), so make good choices with your buddy’s best interest at heart.

15. Play Games with Them

Whether it’s chase with a ball or a laser light or something else, play games at least once a day with your pet. Yes, those will be genuine smiles.

16. Do Doga (Dog Yoga) Together

Exercising together is a wonderful way to show your dog you love them. Doga, dog yoga, is very hands-on and creates an aura of peace for both you and your pet. And who doesn’t need that?

17. Look Them in the Eyes

When you talk to your pet, look them in the eyes. Study their faces and show them your expressions when you talk to them to make them feel present.

18. Share Your Space with Your Pet

While you may not love the pet hair everywhere, your pet will feel the love when you share your sacred spaces…the couch, the bed, the front seat of the car, etc.

19. Visit New Places Together

Take your pet on new adventures. Explore a new trail or visit local pet-friendly venues like dog parks and playgrounds. Your dog will love that you took him to meet new friends.

visit new places with your dog

20. Learn to Read Your Pet’s Mental & Emotional Health

Just like people, pets have moods. Pay attention to your pet’s behaviors and note any change. This might mean they need special help or just a close look from your veterinarian.

21. Keep Up with Regular Vet Visits

Even though trips to the vet aren’t always fun, they’re a vital way to show your pet you love them. Taking your pet to the vet means you’re invested in their health and wellness and that you want them to have a long, quality life with you.

There is so much to love about our pets, and it is so rewarding to shower them with love and affection. That is why we at Wellness Pet Food consistently make quality cat and dog foods and treats. We know that one way to any pet’s heart is through their stomach, and what pet (or pet owner) wouldn’t want a food that is both healthy and tasty?

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