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5 Reasons Shelter Pets are the Best Pets

If you’ve ever been to an animal shelter, then you know why you should adopt a shelter pet. The pets in shelters are all alone except for one another and their dedicated caretakers. Like any of us, all they want is to be picked in life. They want a warm place to belong, and they want someone to love them who won’t abandon them. If you’ve ever heard stories about shelter pets, then you know that they are grateful, protective, loving, and sometimes…famous. In a recently-compiled list of the 10 best cats on social media, nearly all of them were rescues. Of course…potential celebrity isn’t a reason shelter pets are the best…the real reasons they’re the best are as follows.

1. Shelter Pets are Grateful

orange tabby sleeping
Imagine you’ve been abandoned or if you never knew what love is…you’d spent your whole life alone. This is the case for some of these shelter pets. Now, imagine that someone finally picks you. You are finally given a soft place to sleep and a warm bed and a space to feel safe in…and hugs! You’ve never had hugs before. They’re nice. How to express gratitude to this wonderful savior who adopted you?
Shelter pets are notoriously grateful, and they express it with loyalty, obedience, and snuggles.

2. Shelter Pets are Often Ready for Residency

Unlike a brand-new baby puppy or kitten from someone’s litter that you have to train, shelter pets often know how to use a litter box or indicate their need to go outside and potty. While there are some shelter pets that have never had homes, in the shelter, these pets learn how to regulate their bathroom and dietary needs saving you the trouble.

3. Shelter Pets are More Affordable

Thanks to programs, shelter pets often have been spayed or neutered (especially in no-kill shelters) and have had at minimum a rabies shot. These procedures and vaccines aren’t cheap, and while you’ll want to get other vaccines and take your new baby to the vet for a check-up and introduction, at least you’ve got some of the expenses covered (think of it a “pay-it-forward” for doing a good deed).

4. Shelter Adoptions Save Other Pets

By adopting a shelter pet, you are making space in the shelter for other rescues to come in. While in a perfect world all of the pets would have homes, that’s just not the case…at least not yet. By adopting a shelter pet, you at least guarantee that (1) your new pet has a loving forever home but also that (2) you’re making space for another lost and lonely animal to have a temporary safe haven.

5. Shelter Pets Make You Feel Amazing

When you adopt a shelter pet, you know you’ve done a good deed, and even though you reap the benefits of having a beautiful face to plaster on social media, a loving companion to take for walks and to the café on weekends, and someone else to have fun shopping for at Christmas, the real benefit comes in the form of the life you save and the love you share with your shelter pet.
Shelter pets are incredibly special animals. While we love all animals, those who know, those who have adopted a shelter pet can attest to the incredible gift that you get in return by extending love to an animal that has nothing but love to give.

Show your shelter pet how much you love them through their stomachs by making sure to feed them a healthy, delicious, and nutritious pet food. Wellness Pet Food takes pride in creating a wide variety of pet foods and treats that pets love. Your shelter pet will be even more appreciative if you keep them well with a healthy diet.

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