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6 Pet Memorial Ideas: How To Honor Your Pets Memory

Ask anyone who has ever been a pet parent, and they will tell you that their pet was more than “just a pet;” their pet was a member of the family, and their loss was as heartbreaking an experience as any. People mourn their pets for years after they are gone, and while death is an inevitable part of life, we have several pet memorial ideas to commemorate your pet so that you always feel close to them. September 13 is National Pet Memorial Day. If you have a pet or have lost a pet, these are truly meaningful ways to honor your precious pet family members.

1. Host a Pet Memorial Service

While it may seem obvious to some to have a proper burial for a beloved pet, how to do it isn’t always clear. What’s too much? What is enough? What you should always do when having a service for your pet is to do what feels right for you. You may want to invite friends to be by your side, or you might want to have family share memories of your pet.

A ritual like a memorial service gives you closure. You will always love and miss your pet, but by having a memorial service, you acknowledge the sad truth of their passing and give yourself permission to grieve their loss.

2. Keep Them Close with Custom Pet Memoriam Jewelry

Another way to commemorate your pet is to have a piece of custom jewelry made. Tasteful charm bracelets and necklaces with your pet’s paw print in them or with your pet’s image in a locket are easy to find on Etsy. Designers use your pet’s actual paw print to create the jewelry.

Other designers etch your pet’s image into a dog tag necklace that you can wear or hang onto as a keepsake. There are a lot of options when it comes to honoring your deceased pet with personalized jewelry.

3. Create A Custom Commemorative Keychain

You can also honor your pet’s memory by creating a custom keychain from their photograph. Different creators have different methods, but there are very durable options on the market, which means you can keep a precise likeness of your pet in pewter or stainless steel you can safely keep with you all of the time. What’s great about a keychain is when you see people and start talking about your pet, you can easily show them exactly what your sweet baby looked like.

4. Snuggle With Your Pet Forever With A Custom Blanket

Our pets do so many things for us, and comfort is probably one of the best and most important. If you and your pet used to cuddle together, then a custom photo blanket for cozying up on the couch will help you channel all of those positive vibes and good feelings you used to get when cuddling with your pet. This is a great way to honor a pet’s memory…and don’t worry…your other pets won’t get jealous; they’ll be too excited about cuddling on a new blanket.

5. Keep Your Morning Ritual Alive With A Pet Photo Coffee Mug

Was your pet always there during your morning coffee ritual? Did they follow you loyally to the kitchen and watch you brew your morning mug of tea or coffee before you sat down to enjoy a few moments of quiet before the day? Or…was your beloved pet always underfoot as you hustled around the kitchen to make breakfasts, pack lunches, put on clothes, and slug coffee?

Regardless…it’s safe to say that you miss your pet (even if they tripped you during your morning race for time). Commemorate your pet and keep your pet as part of your daily ritual by getting a dishwasher and microwave-safe coffee mug with their image on it.

6. Honor Your Pet’s Memory With Art

Finally, ensure you never forget your beloved pet with a beautiful work of art. There are several options for remembering your pet whether it’s by hiring a professional artist or by sharing a photo with a printer who will render your pet’s image in a way that’s elegant and tasteful for your décor. A nicely-done portrait is a final gift from you to your pet and to yourself because that picture will remind you of the profound love you experienced with your pet and of all of the beautiful memories you made together.

Pets are important members of any family, which is why we at Wellness Pet Food believe it’s important to find meaningful pet memorial ideas to honor them. Our grief when our pets leave us is very real. This is why, too, that we aim to make pet foods that are geared toward keeping pets healthy and strong, so they can live long, healthy, happy lives…so you can have years of great memories to remember when they do ultimately cross the rainbow bridge.

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