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7 Earth Day Celebration Tips For Pets

Earth Day Pets

Earth Day is an annual holiday that encourages us to respect and care for the planet we all share. This year, we challenge you to consider all your four-legged friends when making your Earth Day resolutions.

7  Ways To Celebrate Earth Day Year Round With Your Pets:

1. Recycled Pet Toys

From cat trees to stuffed animals, there are tons of pet toys made from bottles, paper and other materials salvaged from the landfill. One great option, the Kitty Scratch Pole, is made in the U.S.A. from recycled materials and can be used indefinitely by replacing the refillable, recycled cardboard discs that come with it.

2. Pet-friendly Shampoo Bath

There are dozens of pet shampoos on the market, but the eco-friendly option is to choose a pet shampoo made with natural ingredients which are safer for the environment and for your pet.

3. Start Using Biodegradable Bags

Grocery bags take hundreds of years to break down in the landfill. Using biodegradable waste bags is the more earth-friendly option. If you can compost the waste–that’s all the better.

4. Try Cleaning With Vinegar

Did someone have an accident indoors? Grab the white vinegar to clean up. Vinegar and baking soda are time honored all natural cleaning products. You’ll reduce your use of harmful chemicals and get the job done effectively.

5. Take Your Pet For A Hike

Most dogs love to get outside, enjoy some new sniffs and meet new friends. If hiking isn’t possible, go to a dog-friendly park and enjoy the Spring air. Are you more of a cat person? Try a car carrier or cat backpack and bring your kitty along to catch the views.

6. Clean Out Your Closets

Donate old towels, blankets and bedding to a local animal shelter. The animals and volunteers will thank you.

7. Choose Quality Food

When your pet eats nutritious food, more of the nutrients are used within the body which results in less waste.

What are your favorite earth friendly ways to celebrate Earth Day? We’d love to hear your ideas on our Facebook Page.
Happy Earth Day

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