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Benefits Of Chews That Occupy Your Pup

We all love seeing our dogs happy and healthy and for most pet parents, giving their dog a chew treat is a guaranteed way to see that joy. What you may not know however, is when we give our dog’s that special treat to keep them occupied, it’s not only designed to keep them busy and chewing for a long period of time, but it also delivers an added health benefit of providing our dogs with calming and mental health benefits.


Dogs are part of our family and when it comes to their wellbeing, we know they are at their happiest when they can engage in their innate species-specific behaviors, such as playing, chasing, smelling, chewing, and scavenging. These daily activities are often intertwined with the moments you share together such as that walk after work, the game of chase in the yard, or even the treat puzzle mat you give them on the weekends. By encouraging your dog to engage in these behaviors on a regular basis you will not only be assured more tail wags, but this also allows them to be physically, emotionally, and mentally satisfied which are all key to promoting their lifetime of wellbeing.


It goes without saying that chewing a long-lasting treat is an exciting and delicious activity for our dogs. Their focus on working the different angles with every bite keeps their minds busy and their taste buds happy. But what pet parents may not know is that when the chewing duration continues, there is in fact an additional health benefit of promoting a calming and comforting effect in your dog’s brain with the release of natural endorphins. This species-specific chewing behavior, in essence, becomes a tool that all dogs have at their disposal to feel good and help alleviate anxiety and stress.  


As with any toy or treat, it is important to select a safe and appropriate chew for your dog. Chews that are too hard, like a real antler, are discouraged due to associations with tooth fractures; others, like rawhide chews, may be tasty to dogs but can pose serious health risks if swallowed due to their lowered digestibility, and raw bones will keep pups busy but can also deliver a higher amount of fat and calories which, given almost 60% of dogs are now overweight or obese, is also something to minimize. So, what chew should pet parents look for?


Wellness WHIMZEES antlers are an exciting occupy treat for dogs. Made with limited, all-natural ingredients, these rawhide-free treats contain an added infusion of chamomile, to give dogs a treat that takes time to chew, but one that tastes great too. With a unique antler-shaped design, these chews are crafted to be slightly more difficult to hold and chew and harder for them to sink their teeth into first go. Delivering this unique and healthy chewing challenge, Wellness WHIMZEES antlers will keep dogs occupied for long periods of time and with this long chewing time, Wellness WHIMZEES antlers can also help keep dogs mentally engaged to promote calm behavior and mental enrichment that helps keep them happy.

Best of all, while they are chewing for their mental enrichment the benefits don’t stop there. With every bite dogs will also be doing a great job cleaning their teeth. Each Wellness WHIMZEES treat helps reduce plaque and tartar, promotes gum health, and freshens doggie breath.

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