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Black Cats: 6 Facts You Should Know

If you missed National Black Cat Day on October 27, you may have missed black cat lovers extolling the virtues of the most common type of cat, the sleek, elegant black cat. While all cats are savvy, quirky, and intuitive, these are exceptional. They are highly-evolved and are the subject of much history, mystery, and intrigue. All of these factors combined are why black cats are the best.

1. Black Cats are Evolutionarily Evolved

They are black because of evolution. Their darker coat makes it easier for them to hide and to blend in with their surroundings thus helping them evade capture and predators more efficiently. Another facet of their evolution is that they are more resistant to diseases than other cats. In fact, the majority of cats are black or have black genes and thus reap those benefits.

2. Black Cats Have Uniquely Yellow Eyes

Another outcome of the black fur gene beyond melanism (black or darkening fur) and improved immunity is yellowed eyes. They typically have beautiful amber or gold-hued eyes that give them an ethereal and imperious aura.

3. Black Cats Were Once Worshipped by the Egyptians

In ancient Egypt, they were associated with protection. The Egyptian goddess Bastet was a woman with the face of a cat and was charged with protecting women, crops, and the home. They were presumed to have the same responsibility in offering protection and oversight and were thus regarded like royalty.

4. Black Cats Have Long Since Been Associated with Good Luck

In similar fashion, many cultures consider them to be good omens (a Greek myth purportedly initiated association with bad luck or evil). Examples of how they have been regarded favorably are:

  • In England, if a bride was given a black cat, it means her marriage would be a good and happy one.
  • In France, they are called “Money Cats”, and it’s believed that treating one respectfully can make one wealthy (or at least can positively impact the person’s fortune).
  • In Scotland, one on your doorstep signals future prosperity.
  • In Japan, they are considered bringers of love and good fortune.

5. Black Cats Are Very Good Natured

Perhaps it’s evolution or part of being worshipped in other cultures for so may years, but they are very friendly. Those who have owned them report the silky felines being very easy-going, calm, and tolerant of children and other animals. They don’t startle easily and are great companions.

6. Black Cats Are Savvy

Lastly, they are known for being savvy. They are vigilant and intelligent. They are very observant as well as being very faithful. If they find a home that treats them well, they will stay and be incredibly loving and loyal pets. Whether or not they’re harbingers of wealth is perhaps more legend than fact, but if you are loved or have ever been loved by one, then you know why black cats are the best cats.

All cats are special, but black cats are exceptional. National Black Cat Day is the perfect time to celebrate all of the traits and the history that make them so unique. Show your black cat (okay, all of your cats) how special they are by feeding them a delicious, tasty pet food like the cat food recipes we make at Wellness Pet Food. After all, there should be nothing but the best for the best cats around…black cats!

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