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DIY: What to Put in a Pet First Aid Kit

DIY Pet First Aid Kit

A pet first aid kit is a collection of materials useful in a medical emergency. These resources are helpful for minimizing the effects of an incident before you seek professional medical help from your veterinarian or emergency vet.

How To Make A Pet First Aid Kit:

While pet first aid kits come pre-assembled, the benefit of building your own is that you know exactly what is in it and where the items are.

1. What Should Be in a Pet First Aid Kit?

  • Paperwork & records such as your pet’s ID card with your name and address, the veterinarian’s number, the emergency vet clinic’s number, and the number for animal poison control (888-426-4435), a copy of your pet’s medical history, and list of vaccinations with dates
  • Remedies such as medications, flea treatments, sterile saline eye wash, dish soap for removing toxins from the skin and fur, milk of magnesia for absorbing poison, and hydrogen peroxide (3%) to induce vomiting (note to contact the vet or poison control center before inducing vomiting or administering treatment for poisoning with milk of magnesia)
  • Wound supplies like wound spray, Q-tips, gauze bandage, nonstick bandages, adhesive tape for bandages, wipes, and a Ziploc bag
  • Tools like a flashlight and tweezers, an emergency muzzle (nylon hosiery works well), a nylon leash, eye dropper for flushing wounds or giving oral medication, digital thermometer, and scissors for cutting tape
  • It also doesn’t hurt to have treats on hand or as part of the kit to soothe a pet that has been traumatized by a situation that requires emergency medical attention (provided your pet is okay and can eat).

2. Store materials in an easy-to-grab-and-go clear tackle box

This enables you to keep the supplies organized, to see what you are out of or are missing, and to get materials faster when you need them.

3. Place labels over each section of the tackle box

When there is a crisis, time is often of the essence. Labels can help you find what you need in a moments notice when tensions are high and things can get confusing.

4. Store the box in a handy location

You may choose a cabinet where you keep other pet supplies. It does not hurt to have a separate DIY kit for the car as most materials are low-cost and can—as noted—make a huge difference in an emergency.

Having the right materials on hand can be the difference between life or death for your pet, so if you don’t already have one, make a pet first aid kit now.

Pet first aid can save animal lives, and so can good nutrition. A balanced diet of natural ingredients like those made at Wellness Pet Food help to ensure a longer, healthier, and happier life for your pet.

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