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Springtime Shedding: Managing Your Cat’s Coat During the Seasonal Change

Tips for Spring Cat Shedding Control, Inside and Out

Cat hair everywhere? If it seems like your cat’s shedding more than usual every time spring rolls around, it’s because…they are!

“First and foremost, seasonal shedding is common and normal for cats of all breeds,” reminds Dr. Danielle Bernal, D.V.M. and Global Director of Vet Nutrition at Wellness®.

Long-Haired? Short-Haired? All the Hair.

That’s right. Whether you have a long-haired cat or a short-haired cat, you’re in for a little extra cat fur this season.

“For long-haired cats especially, expect to live life surrounded by shed fur for at least the next month or so,” says Dr. Bernal. “Even short-haired cats drop some of their winter undercoat as they prepare for more temperate weather.”

So as you’re putting away your own winter jacket, lend your extra furry friend a paw and help them put away that oversized cat coat with these spring shedding solutions for cats.

Spring Cat Grooming Tip for Their Outsides: Brush, Brush, Brush

It may seem simple, but the best solution for managing your cat’s springtime shedding is: Brush your cat! Brush, brush, brush. Every day, if not twice a day.

Brushing will help support your cat’s coat and skin health, as well as gently and naturally remove your cat’s shedding hair. Better yet, it’s a great chance to bond with your pet and better both you and your cat’s wellbeing.

If your cat’s not a big fan of brushing, here’s a spring cat grooming tip for you: up their enthusiasm with a little positive reinforcement (a.k.a. treats!). Try new Wellness® Lickable Treats or Wellness® Complete Health Kittles™ Grain Free Natural Cat Treats to add an extra purr to your springtime cat fur care.

You can also try adding a new brush for cat shedding into the lineup. One of the best cat shedding season remedies is the FURminator® deShedding Tool to help remove shed hair and reduce hairballs.

Speaking of reducing hairballs, let’s talk about the cats that really love to groom themselves.

Spring Cat Grooming Tip for Their Insides: Halt the Hairballs

One of the big watch-outs around springtime cat hair management is that as cats groom themselves, they ingest a lot of loose fur. Gross, yes. But natural, also yes. Hairballs are the unsavory by-product of this totally normal habit.

The solution? Try a hairball diet from Wellness® while coping with spring cat shedding.

Wellness® CORE+ Hairball

This dry cat food recipe provides proven high-protein, natural* nutrition and uses high-quality ingredients to support whole-body health. Each recipe is thoughtfully crafted to support the 5 Signs of Wellbeing™ plus the unique nutritional needs of your cat. This Hairball recipe supports hairball reduction & management with fiber to support cat hair movement through digestive tract. Each grain free, nutrient-rich formula provides high quality protein for your cat with no meat by-products, wheat, corn, or artificial preservatives, colors.

Wellness® Complete Health Grained Natural Hairball Control

This formula features a special natural fiber blend that helps move cat hair and already-formed hairballs through cats’ digestive system. With chicken as the first ingredient and wholesome rice, it packs plenty of protein to support lean muscle and energy to fuel all those furry adventures. Every bite is packed with everything your pal needs to stay healthy, like antioxidants to support immunity, special fibers to prevent hairballs, flaxseeds to support a healthy skin and coat, plus vitamins, minerals, and essential taurine—and none of the things you don’t want him to eat, like wheat, corn, soy or anything artificial.

Here’s to Minimizing Cat Shedding in Spring!

Sure, there’s cat hair everywhere. But managing your cat’s springtime shedding is nothing you can’t handle! Grab the brush, a couple treats, and an exciting new mealtime option, and get that spring cat shedding under control. At least it’s a sign of sunnier summer days (no coat required) to come!

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