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Finding The Perfect Dog and Cat Food Toppers For Your Pet: Tips From Veterinarians

As pet parents, we all want our cats and dogs to have the best possible nutrition to help them thrive. When fed appropriately, a dog and cat food topper can be a fun way to supplement your pet’s nutrition and give them a variety of flavors and textures to enjoy. But what are toppers, and how can you use them to help supercharge your pet’s kibble?

What Are Dog and Cat Food Toppers?

Dog and cat food toppers are additional foods you can add to your pet’s regular diet to enhance its appeal and nutritional value. While complete and balanced offerings are available such as Wellness Bowl Boosters Simply Shreds®, toppers are predominately designed to be a complement to your pet’s main meal rather than a replacement of their meal. A topper can be anything from fresh or frozen meats, vegetables, fruits, or even shelf-stable commercial products. They are also available in a variety of flavors and textures to satisfy the preferences of your dog or cat.

Benefits of Toppers

Food toppers for dogs and cats can offer several benefits. Adding a topper to your pet’s diet can increase their appetite and make mealtimes more enjoyable for you both! The best dog food toppers, like Wellness Bowl Boosters for dogs, and the best cat food toppers, like Wellness Bowl Boosters for cats, are made with real, healthy ingredients that promote complete and balanced nutrition. This leads to whole health benefits for your cat or dog including a health skin and coat, a boost for all-day energy, easier digestion, healthy teeth and bones, and added immune support for a health immune system.

Tips For Using Dog & Cat Food Toppers

When selecting a dog food topper, specific ingredients to look for may be influenced by your individual pet and your family’s needs and interests. If your dog or cat is on a therapeutic diet, make sure to look for ingredients or nutrients that will not affect their health condition. For example, if your pet has kidney or heart disease, it would be important to know the sodium level of the topper. You can work with your veterinarian to determine the best option for you.

Dog and cat food toppers can be a fun way to treat your pet, but like other treats, some toppers are not complete and balanced so should be less than 10% of their daily calories to avoid unbalancing their nutrition. Since some toppers can increase your dog or cat’s appetite it is also essential to be mindful of how much food they need to maintain a healthy weight and not use toppers in excess.

Types of Toppers

There are many different types of dog and cat food toppers such as fresh, frozen, and shelf stable. Fresh toppers can feel like home cooking for your pets as they usually have minimal ingredients and fewer preservatives. Because they are fresh, they will need to be fed quickly to avoid spoilage. Frozen toppers are a great option for preservation because they allow manufacturers to minimally process the food with minimal preservatives. The dog food topper will require space in your freezer and appropriate thawing prior to serving. Shelf-stable toppers can be a convenient option for pet parents since they last a long time and do not require the freezer or refrigerator space of fresh or frozen food toppers.

Ready To Explore Food Toppers?!

Adding a food topper to your dog or cat’s diet can be a great way to enhance their nutrition, increase their enjoyment at mealtimes, and provide variety in their diet. They can even be used as high-value rewards during training. Remember that toppers should be used as meal additions and should not replace your pet’s main meal. Be sure to choose the type of dog food topper, or cat food topper that suits your needs and lifestyle, whether it’s fresh, frozen, or shelf stable.

Consider Wellness dog and cat food toppers, made with real, healthy ingredients selected at the peak of freshness and then frozen to lock in the nutrients!

Here are some great options for dog food toppers:

Here are some great options for cat food toppers:

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