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Holiday Recipes for Your Dog: Pet-Friendly Treats You Can Make



The holidays are here, and for some people, that means more cooking and baking. Maybe your pup is letting you do your own thing in the kitchen, or maybe they're at your feet begging with their eyes. Either way, we want them to know we're thinking of them while we're in the kitchen, too! We've compiled two recipes that you can easily whip up for your pup!

Shepherd's Pie Recipe

In the mood for cooking up something special for your pup? How about an alternative to human shepherd's pie? Fill their KONG, or any rubber chew toy, and watch them go to town!

Ingredients used:

Viola! Freeze it for at least a couple of hours, then it's time to chow down.

Chicken & Carrot Pupcake Recipe

This isn't your average cupcake. Heck, it's not even your average pupcake. We went the savory route with this one!

Ingredients used:

Again, with this one, you'll want to freeze it for at least a couple hours. Then it's snack time!

Do you have a holiday recipe you like to make for your dog? Share it on social media and make sure to tag #wellnesspetfood!

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