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Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Cats & Dogs

Dog & Cat Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The holidays are a wonderful time to show those who you love best how much you care by giving them a little something extra…by treating them with gifts they normally wouldn’t give themselves. Since your pets can never give themselves something extra, the holidays are a great time to load up their stockings with bonus toys and treats that show them how much you love and value their unconditional love and companionship. Here are a few holiday stocking stuffer ideas for your cat or dog!

1. Holiday Treats!

While some pet parents may be wary to give their pets treats all year as they do add calories to an animal’s diet, the holidays are the perfect time to relax and to spoil your pet (and to stocking-stuffer up on treats to share with your pet throughout the coming year!).

Treating your pet in moderation is always a good idea! Pet parents can feel good that their pets are enjoying something nutritious. It’s key to find treats that are tasty and made with healthy ingredients; and if they provide a major benefit to your pet (such as a delicious daily dental chew) then that’s an added bonus. These are some of the most delightful seasonal treats to fill your pet’s stocking with:

  • WHIMZEES® Daily Dental Chews for dogs in seasonal shapes. These festive treats are shaped like holiday trees and snowmen, which make them super fun for your dog’s stocking. Meanwhile, they help clean your dog’s teeth and gums and freshen their breath, so you can treat your dog every day of the holiday season!
  • Kittles™ for kitties come in three yummy flavor combinations that provide nutritional value and that are seasonally-apropos as all blends currently feature delicious antioxidant rich cranberries paired with your cat’s favorite protein (tuna, turkey, chicken, salmon, or whitefish).

While not seasonally-shaped, other delicious dog treats include our Soft Puppy Bites or Wellness Rewarding Life Training Treats.

2. Rewarding Chew Toys & Games

Play is important for pets of all ages, and pets can be busy and active. Thankfully, there are lots of toys out there that deter your pet’s frisky behaviors (like chewing, scratching, etc.) that are also great stocking stuffers!

  • The KONG company makes dog and cat toys that target specific pet behaviors. They can be stuffed with treats or chewed and played with alone (the treats are great incentive to get your pet to engage with the toy)
  • OurPets sushi treat dispensing dog or cat toy is an interactive treat dispensing toy
  • The Pet Zone Treat Ball is another popular pick and can be used to feed pets as well as to dole out treats.

There are so many great options for cats and dogs out there (way too many to list). Search around and see what seems like a good fit for your cat or dog. Regardless, toys that are fillable with treats are a perfect stocking stuffer for pets (along with the treats).

3. Puzzle Toys

In addition to treats, stocking stuffers that encourage your pet to play are definitely a must-have for any pet in 2021. Puzzles are so important for cats and dogs to stay mentally stimulated at any age. Some that will fit perfectly into your pet’s stocking are:

4. Active Toys

The holidays are a great time to stock up on new pet toys. Some of the latest are really entertaining for you and your pet. (These, next to treats are usually every pet’s favorite things to unwrap…especially once they figure out what to do!)

  • Laser toys for cats are probably among the most entertaining of all pet toys. Cats love to chase laser lights. They run, slip, flip, and leap over lasers. KONG has several cat laser products to choose from.
  • Candy cane shaped toy ropes for dogs come in lots of shapes and sizes and are a quick find on Amazon. Not only are these festive, but they’re a fun way to play with your dog.

Festive tennis balls and catnip-filled mice are also classic dog and cat stocking stuffers that you can’t go wrong with. Remember, your pet cares more about you being there and playing with them than anything else.

Whatever you give your pet in their stocking, it should be something fun to play with or something extra to delight them. The holidays are all about giving, and the stocking stuff you give your pet should be one that is full of fun little “thank you’s” for being the best pet ever all year long.

For the rest of the year, a great way to take care of your pet is by feeding them a healthy, nutritious and delicious diet of pet food made with natural ingredients such as the Wellness Pet Food recipes.

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