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How Long Does Dry Dog Food Typically Last?

Dry dog food is a great option for many pets. It is easy to transport, does not have an offensive smell, and is not as messy as some other meal choices. It can come in a variety of sizes and is often cheaper if bought in bulk. However, if you want to buy your dog’s food in a larger-sized bag, you may be wondering, how long does dry dog food last once opened?

You love to treat your dog like a member of the family, and if their food is anything like ours, it is bound to go stale at some point, right? While keeping your pet’s health and safety as well as your budget in mind, let’s figure out the shelf life of the typical dry dog food.

How Long Does Dry Dog Food Last in a Container?

Most dry dog food is sold in bags. As long as the bag is sealed with no holes and not wet, this is the best place to keep the food. Once you open the bag, it is likely best to remove the food to a container that can be sealed tightly to protect the food from air and any pathogens that may be in the environment. This can also keep your nosy pet from helping themselves to a snack when they are not supposed to!

A container can be as simple as a plastic tote, or you may choose to explore vacuum-sealed containers designed specifically for pet foods. Another option is to place the opened bag itself inside a container. Even if you decide to put the bag inside a container, it is best to close up both the bag and the container to maintain the ultimate freshness.

If you choose to keep the food inside the original bag, be sure to close the bag after each use. It can be rolled at the top to remove as much air as possible and protect it from the exterior environment. You could also clip the bag using a traditional “chip clip” or special bag clip. When stored properly, dry dog food has a shelf life of approximately 12-18 months once it has left the manufacturing floor.

Know Before You Buy

Before it even makes it to your home to be placed in a container, the pet food manufacturer takes steps to make sure that your dry dog food lasts as long as possible in your possession. By choosing a reliable pet food brand, you can ensure that these steps have been taken to prolong the life of your dog’s food.

Dry food kibbles are either extruded (dried) or baked to remove as much moisture as possible and in superior quality natural recipes, natural preservatives such as rosemary extract and green tea extract keep them fresh. This helps prevent bacteria growth and spoilage so that during the entire shelf life of the product, each meal is delicious and the highest quality for our pets.

When you are at the store to purchase your pet food, inspect the bag before purchase. Do not buy bags with rips, holes, or any other signs of damage. The area the bags are stored and sold in should be dry and free of pests. Keep purchase receipts in case you find any damage once you get home or after you open the food.

The same type of storage needs for unopened bags are required once you get your dog food home. You need to store your bags of dog food in a dry area with good air circulation.

It is best to store the bags off the ground, such as on a shelf or pallet. You should make sure that your storage area is immune to pests, including insects, mice, and rats, all of which are attracted to your pet’s mealtime morsels!

Your pet’s food certainly does have a shelf life, but if properly handled and stored, you can maximize your investment while ensuring your pet’s health and enjoyment.

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