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How to Remove The Skunk Smell From Your Dog

How to Remove The Skunk Smell From Your Dog

Scenario…your dog has been skunked…it happens, but what now? The problem with skunk smell is that it really lingers and because dogs have fur and hair, those odors tend to get stuck. You want to get the skunk smell out of your dog. But how? This is how to remove skunk smell from your dog.

Act Quickly

The chemicals skunks emit when afraid can saturate your dog’s hair or fur, which makes it harder to get out. Thus, you want to quickly get your dog into a bath when you realize they’ve been skunked.

Bathe Your Dog Outside

Importantly, you want to bathe your dog outside. Keep in mind, when we talk about a bath, we don’t mean with your regular dog shampoo; that will not work in removing the thiol. Thiol is the technical name for a skunk’s spray. It is organic and is largely comprised of sulfur, which is why it smells so putrid.

You want to bathe your dog outside because the ewe de thiol will permeate any interior space that your dog occupies.

Fight Skunk Stink with Basic Chemistry

While some have reportedly tried to use tomato juice to remove skunk smell from dogs, this method doesn’t work…it just masks the smell.

The formula you’ll want to use, according to the American Kennel Club, is this:

  • ¼ cup of baking soda
  • 1-2 teaspoons of mild dishwashing detergent (such as Ivory Snow)
  • 1 quart of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution (do not use a solution higher than 3% as it could burn your dog’s skin)

Mix the formula well in a bucket and apply it to your dog immediately.

Bathe Your Dog with the Special Formula

To bathe your dog, you’ll want to massage the foaming mixture well into your dog’s coat. Avoid your dog’s eyes as the formula is very strong.

Let the mixture sit for five minutes. Obviously, your dog might try to run or shimmy the mixture off. Try to keep them still, so the concoction can do its job. Try to keep them occupied with a WHIMZEES by Wellness dental chew. And don’t forget to give treats like Wellness Rewarding Life and lots of praise during the bath!

Rinse your dog with warm water. Feel free to—after the solution is rinsed—to follow-up with a regular bath with your dog’s normal shampoo.

Do Not Store the Formula

One quick note worth of mentioning is that this is not a formula that can be made in advanced and stored “just in case”. This formula becomes combustible if stored in a closed container (read: it could explode). Rather, just use these household ingredients when and if needed if your dog gets skunked.

Remember, if your dog gets skunked, removal is the only course of action. Because the skunk’s spray is made of an organic chemical, it requires a chemical solution for removal. And, the longer your dog is skunked, the more saturated your dog’s fur will be, so try to act quickly when removing skunk smell from your dog.

A clean dog is a healthy, happy dog. Your dog’s health and wellness are important to us at Wellness Pet Food, which is why we create a wide variety of natural dog food and treats for your dog’s growth and sustenance.

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