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New Year’s Resolution Ideas For You and Your Pets

New Years Resolutions For Pets

If 2020 taught us anything, it was how precious every moment we spend together is and how valuable our health is. So it logically follows that as we make New Year’s resolutions that reflect our past experiences that we do them together with the ones we love most, the ones who’ve never abandoned us, the ones with us through thick and thin: our pets. That’s why we suggest these healthy New Year’s resolution ideas for your pets—they’re fun and easily doable resolutions you and your pets can make together.

Resolution 1: Try a Healthy New Diet

Food is fuel, which means what you and your pets eat makes a huge difference in your energy, weight and immune system function, to name a few things. During the holidays, almost everyone’s diet slips a little. As you get ready to hit reset, why not consider an entirely new diet that you’ve never tried before? Look for a healthy new diet that you and your pet can try out together.

  • Raw diets: Raw diets are largely plant-based for humans and animal protein-based for pets. For both humans and pets, raw diets are considered to improve certain medical conditions and to have a positive impact on weight.
  • High-protein, low-carb diet: High-protein diets like keto are reportedly excellent for active people and pets as once you enter a state of ketosis, you have more energy. As with raw diets, high-protein diets show favorable results in terms of overall health and medical wellness and with weight.

Explore the different kinds of diets that are out there. Pick something that will be sustainable for you and your lifestyle. Pick something that seems fun to you; the fact that you’re doing it with your pet will make it easier to feel like you’re in it together. No matter what you select, make sure that you and your pets stay well hydrated and drink lots of water, as that is vital for any healthy lifestyle.

Resolution 2: Create a New Fitness Habit

Another vital aspect of your new health plan could be to get moving. After often-indulgent holidays and several months of staying at home, your fitness habit may have taken a hit. To get motivated to get moving, create a new fitness habit that includes your pet. If you’re a dog parent, shake up the time of day you take a walk or go for a run. Go in the morning before work or as soon as you clock out. Make changing into gym attire and grabbing the leash the first thing you do to signal to your dog that it’s time for a workout.

If it’s cold, dog and cat owners alike can do a fun, fast HIIT workout in lieu of outdoor fitness. Roll the ball or dangle a string to get your pets moving in those 20-second rest periods between reps.

Resolution 3: Build in More Quality “Us Time”

Healthy emotional bonds are another important part of your health. Animals enjoy our closeness, and their closeness has important impacts on quelling our anxiety, sense of loneliness, depression, etc. Yet, how often do we come home and spend all of our time busily hurrying from one task to the next?

Build in time to spend with your dog or cat. Do a puzzle with your dog by your feet or read a book while your cat snoozes on your lap. Talk softly to your pet and strengthen your bond.

For some of us who have been spending more time at home throughout the pandemic, more quality time together might have been a no-brainer. As we see things return to a more normal state where offices are reopening and people may not be home as often, it’s important to continue fitting in quality “us time.”

Resolution 4: Practice Mindfulness Together

Mindfulness is another important aspect of health that relates to you being present and in the moment. This one is easy and is beneficial for you and your pet. When you spend time together, rather than scrolling on your phone, focus on what is happening. Pay attention to your senses. What do you see, taste, smell, feel, and hear? If your dog or cat is looking at something, put your face next to theirs and focus on what they’re focusing on. It might feel silly, but it’s a way to be fully present with your pet and to be fully in the moment.

Resolution 5: Try New Things Together

Finally, resolve to try new things with your pet. No doubt, you have a list of places to see or new hobbies to test out that for whatever reason you’ve never done. Let your cat cuddle up beside you or watch with bemusement from the table as you give painting a try (maybe she’ll lend a paw), or if you usually don’t let your dog ride shotgun, put him in the front seat and go get coffee together on lazy Sundays. Dogs are great kayakers and paddle boarders, and what dog wouldn’t love meandering down a new path on your daily walk?

Indulging your curiosities and trying new things together is excellent for your spirit and overall wellness. Doing it with your pet will strengthen your bond, so, resolve to create a New Year’s Resolution plan for comprehensive health with your pets. Doing it together makes everything all the better.

Healthy New Year’s resolutions are easier to stick to when you make them together with your pet. At Wellness Pet Food, a continued resolution is to continue creating healthy pet food recipes, the kind that you and your pet can easily resolve to stick with.

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