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Pet Holiday Wishlist: Top Gifts for Dogs and Cats

From Toys to Treats, 10 Must-Have Cat and Dog Holiday Presents of the Season

Deck the halls with Santa Claws holiday decorations, hang the personalized dog stockings with care, and bring out all the cute cat and dog holiday wrapping paper—because it’s time for the whole family to get in the holiday spirit. And while your favorite four-legged friend would be just as happy to celebrate with the usual love and hugs…and maybe an extra treat or two…why not treat your BFF to something extra with a special holiday present under the tree?

From interactive toys to nutritious treats, and all sorts of cat and dog accessories in between, we’ve worked with our team of pet experts to put together a nice list of holiday gifts for dogs and cats that is sure to make every day that much happier.

For Meal Time

First things first, let’s start with one of the most important times of day: meal time! When it comes to cat or dog holiday presents that can make one of the best times of day even better, we’re all about increasing the enrichment and happiness of your pet so they can join in on the holiday excitement with one of the gift ideas below.

Top Dog Gift

Starmark Treat Dispensing toy

STARMARK Treat Dispensing Bob-A-Lot™ Dog Toy

This safe and adjustable treat or food dispensing toy will keep your pup happily hunting for more all meal time long. It’s big enough to fit their whole meal inside and durable enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic of eaters.

Top Cat Gift

PetSafe drinking fountain

PetSafe® Drinkwell 360 Fountain

Keep your kitty (or doggy, too!) happy and hydrated with this free-flowing pet water fountain. This stainless steel design with 1-5 adjustable water streams continuously circulates and filters the water so it’s cleaner and tastes more fresh, not to mention a whole lot more fun.

For Play Time

Keep play time going beyond meal time with entertaining, interactive Christmas toys for dogs and cats that will keep their minds as healthy as their bodies.

Top Dog Gift

Kong Air Squeaker Balls

Kong Air Squeaker Tennis Balls

You just can’t beat a good ol’ tennis ball—except for one that squeaks! That’s right, your canine companion can enjoy the classic neon ball they know and love, with the squeak that makes their ears and hearts jump with joy. Better yet, they’re made to be safe and durable with high-quality materials and no external plugs.

Top Cat Gift

Cat Dancer toy

Cat Dancer®

It’s hard to resist the lure of the original interactive cat toy–the classic Cat Dancer®. This oldie but goodie is silly simple and has been providing endless safe entertainment and physical activity for cats for ages. It’s the perfect holiday toy for cats that they’ll enjoy all year long!

For Potty Time

It’s as true for your pet as it is for you: When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. So you might as well make it as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved with these holiday presents for dogs and cats that are just as much for them as they are for you.

Top Dog Gift

Wild One Dog Treat Pouch

Wild One Dog Treat Pouch and Poop Bag Holder

This little bag holds it all! Their treats, your treats, and built-in poop bags for days. This 100% recycled knit pouch comes in a ton of bold colors and can be carried or worn as a crossbody or fannypack, making it one holiday dog accessory that combines fashion and function on the path to longer, happier walks and lives.

Top Cat Gift

Litter Robot


Give your cat the gift of fresh litter every time they do their business–and give yourself the gift of never scooping poop again. That’s what we call a win-win with this automatic, self-cleaning litter box.

For Nap Time

Another one of the best holiday gifts for cats and dogs is the gift of a great nap, in the form of a cozy new bed. Different pet personalities prefer different types of beds, some like a variety of beds throughout the house, and others are still going to sleep in your bed no matter how many beds you buy them, but it’s worth a try to make them as comfy as possible.

Top Dog Gift

Serta dog bed

Serta Orthopedic Quilted Couch Dog Bed

Spoil your most loyal puppy companion with a Serta bed that any pet parent would be envious of themselves (I mean, a plush bed with equally plush couch sides?!). These supportive sides are good for the super snugglers looking for a place to rest their head, and the joint-friendly orthopedic foam will help them drift comfortably off into dreamland.

Top Cat Gift

Dharma Cat Cave

Dharma Cat Cave

To the cat cave! These unique gifts for cats (and small dogs, too!) come in all kinds of playful shapes and colors. From flowers and pumpkins to critters and holiday trees, these sustainable, fair-trade beds are made of felted wool and designed to create the perfect enclosed space to help your little furry friend feel warm, secure, and stress-free while they catch some z’s.

For Treat Time

Saving the best for last, as many pets would say that the best possible holiday treat—is an actual treat! These drool-worthy holiday cat and dog treat ideas are made to make your pet’s holiday as merry as paw-sible.

Top Dog Gift

Whimzees Winter Shapes Dental Treats

WHIMZEES® Winter Shapes Dental Treats

The ultimate holiday dog stocking stuffer! Take your pooch’s personalized dog stocking and all those puppy kisses under the mistletoe to the next level with the delicious dental treat gift that keeps on giving—and in festive snowman and holiday tree shapes, too!

Top Cat Gift

Wellness Bowl Boosters Shreds with Broth

Wellness® Bowl Boosters® Shreds with Broth

Supercharge their Bowl™ this holiday season with premium shredded protein in a delicious broth. This grain-free, filler-free boost of pure protein is purrfect for topping, snacking, or an afternoon treat that’ll put an extra jingle in your feline friend’s step.

Happy Cat and Dog Holiday Present Shopping!

Young or old, big or small, there’s something for every good boy and girl on this list of the top holiday gifts for dogs and cats. So make your list, check it twice, and don’t forget to capture the smile on your furry friend’s face when they open it for the most picture-perfect Christmas card photo.

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