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Promoting Mealtime Catisfaction

Favorite Cat Food

Preparing and serving your cat their favorite food is a great bonding experience. We get satisfaction when we see them chowing down. However, you can greatly improve your feline’s mealtime catisfaction with a few simple lifestyle changes. Here’s how:

Where Dinner is Served

Cats like privacy when they eat. The feline equivalent of a tranquil candlelit dinner is a quiet location in the home where they can eat comfortably at their own pace.

Consequently, keep food bowls away from passageways and high traffic areas. This will ensure they are not disturbed by other family members and that includes the family dog who may come sniffing around. Obviously, the kitchen is the most appropriate place so, hopefully, there is a little nook that can be turned into a dinner station.

Go the Distance

Food bowls can be alongside water bowls or a water fountain, but make sure they are not located alongside the litterbox. Keeping them a good distance away from one another will greatly improve your feline’s mealtime catisfaction. Most cats are noisy in the litter box which is a distraction and, of course, from time to time, there are smelly odors that overpower food aromas. This is particularly important because cats rely on their sense of smell before they engage their taste buds at mealtimes.

If they are comfortable with the location of their food bowls, it will also stop them taking food out of the bowl and taking it somewhere else to eat – possibly your favorite rug!

Dinner for Two or More

Mealtimes in a multicat house gets more complicated. It’s rare to be able to put down two or more food bowls and everybody chows down without looking up and showing interest in what another cat is eating. If the one curious cat also happens to have a healthy appetite, they can push a housemate out of the way and infringe on their food allowance.

So, two or more cats are best fed in different locations where they cannot see one another. If you are happy to allow them on a kitchen counter, then a good arrangement in a two-cat household can be one bowl on the counter and another on the floor. Also consider making a level of a cat condo a feeding station.

Easy Access

It’s important that older cats can easily reach an elevated food bowl whether it’s on a counter or in a cat tree. Cat steps can certainly help a feline with osteoarthritis and mobility issues. And, in so doing, also improve mealtime catisfaction.

If you have scheduled mealtimes, putting cats in separate rooms is another problem-solving option.

Nibbling Away at the Food Bowl

When it comes to food catisfaction, you have to add into the equation that cats are nibblers and thus can consume the measured-out quantity in their food bowl over many hours.

And, monitoring meals it can be further complicated if the cats in the household are on different diets to meet certain health requirements.

These two issues can be easily resolved by using designated food bowls that are exclusively linked to an individual cat’s microchip. They can also be operated with an individual RFID tag. This means the food bowl will only open when the correct cat approaches the bowl and all intruders are instantly shut out. Nibbling and stealing issues solved!

Improve Catisfaction with Palatability

Food that stands out loses it palatability as well as attracting flies and ants. Therefore, a sealed bowl helps to maintain freshness for both kibble and wet food that quickly loses palatability especially in the heat. Automated kibble dispensers and motion activated food bowls greatly improve freshness, flavor, and, ultimate catisfaction. There are also food bowls with a built-in ice pack to preserve flavor over the course of a day.

Mealtime catisfaction increases if food is served at room temperature. Slightly warming wet food boosts the aroma which can help entice older cats and picky eaters. The best way to do this is to place the can or the sealed pouch in a bowl of hot water. Putting the food in a dish and placing in the microwave can overheat and also “nuke” the food, destroying the nutritional content.

Throw Away and Fill Up

Never simply top up the kibble bowl. You are putting fresh kibble on top of old. Throw away what has not been eaten before serving the next meal.

Keep it Clean

Wash out the food bowls so that they are fresh for every meal, as you would for family members around the table. Food residue left standing out means there is bacteria left behind. Doubling up on food bowls means you can do a quick exchange and wash the used ones later.

Keeping Kibble Fresh

Kibble usually has a long, stable shelf life to ensure freshness. Always make sure you seal the bag after scooping out a meal. For additional freshness, keep the bag in a vacuum-sealed storage container to ensure palatability and crunch.

Keeping the Menu Interesting

Cats have the reputation of being picky. But more often, the fussiness is nothing more than wanting different flavors and even different textures too. It’s easy to supercharge kitty’s favorite kibble with Wellness® Bowl Boosters® pouched toppings that contain a shredded protein in a delicious broth to add more flavor to a meal.

If you serve wet food, or a combo of wet and dry, consider rotating wet food protein options. This is an instant boost to feline catisfaction. Cats like surf and turf dinners too. The good news is that 9/10 cats love Wellness* tastes and textures in all the Wellness® Complete and Balanced wet meal recipes as well as the dry food options.

When it comes to dry recipes, you can rotate options too. The balanced nutrition in the CORE Digestive Health and Complete Health line-ups cover the five signs of feline wellbeing namely, immune health, digestion, teeth and bones, skin and coat needs, and provide optimal energy. Visit the website to learn more about how Wellness recipes support the 5 Signs of Wellbeing.

And, if your feline doesn’t like the selection bought, all Wellness® wet and dry foods, as well as Wellness® Bowl Boosters®, come with an easy-to return catisfaction guarantee. This can be sorted via the chat feature on Alternatively, email directly to or, call toll free 1-800-225-0904 Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm EST.

*Based on Studies of Wellness® dry cat food at an Independent Kennel. Data on file.

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