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Savor the Flavor: Unleashing the Irresistible Taste of Beef Dog Food for Your Pooch

Dogs and beef. It’s a tale as old as time. A match made from the instinctual start. For generations, dogs and their ancient wolf ancestors have craved red meat. And not only because it’s a part of their most basic instincts—but also because it’s darn delicious!

Got Beef?

Whether dry dog food, wet food, toppers, or treats, you can’t beat beef when it comes to flavor. Your dog will love the crave-worthy taste, and you can love knowing that you’re choosing a dog food with protein that tastes good—and is good for them.

Try Two NEW Dry Dog Food Beef Recipes from Wellness®

We’re kicking off the new year with two new top dry dog food recipes—both big on the beef. And we’re not just talking beef flavor. We’re talking real dog food with real meat. That’s real flavor!

Wellness Core Plus, Core+

Wellness® CORE+ Beef Dry Dog Food

This protein packed, nutrient dense kibble is combined with 100% freeze-dried beef pieces for a crave-worthy savory dog food with the essential protein levels, high fiber, and calorie content your dog needs to thrive.

Wellness Complete Health

Wellness® Complete Health Beef Dry Dog Food

This beef recipe for dogs features nutritionally dense crunchy kibble blended with beef and barley for whole-body nutritional support to promote complete health.

Beef Up Your Pup’s Mealtime

These new and exciting dog food beef recipes will instinctively have your dog howling for more. As dog foods with real meat (and dog foods packed with protein!), they’ll make for a mealtime that’s full of excitement and nourishment, while also giving your dog the energy to keep up their excitement ’til the next mealtime rolls around.

All About the Beef Dog Food

If your dog and their beef cravings go beyond the daily dry food, you can also add a little variety on the beef recipe front with Wellness® CORE Digestive Health Beef Paté wet dog food, Wellness® CORE Bowl Boosters BARE 100% Beef (more freeze-dried beef goodness in the form of a topper!), or even Wellness® CORE Power Packed Beef Jerky Bites as the ultimate beefed-up reward.

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