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Spooktacular Cat and Dog Costumes

The Tricks—and Treats!—of Dressing Up Your Pet for Halloween

It’s Spooky Season and one of our favorite things about this time of year (other than all things pumpkin) is planning the most important pet outfit of the season: Halloween costumes for dogs, cats, and ourselves. But, mostly, our dogs and cats!

Cat and Dog Halloween Costume Prep

Like any good outfit, you want a dog or pet cat Halloween costume to do three things:

1. Make a Statement – Timeless or of the times. Super cute or super scary. Pick a vibe that fits your pet’s style and personality, and go with it.

2. Be Cute But Comfy – Consider the size, materials, and durability of the costume—and make sure it doesn’t restrict any movements, like walking, going potty, or eating and drinking.

3. Turn Heads – Whether that’s making people howl with laughter, squeal with delight, or possibly even jump with furr-ight, make it a sight they won’t soon forget.

Cat and Dog Costume Inspo

Now that we know what we’re trying to achieve with the ultimate Halloween costumes for dogs and cats, let’s talk inspiration and really get those ideas flowing.

It can be as simple as Halloween masks for dogs or cats, or as fully committed as full-body cat or dog and owner Halloween costumes. Either way, we’re talking dressed-up cats and dogs—so you know it’s sure to be pawsitively purrfect. But here are a few ideas across several different cat-egories for dog or cat Halloween costumes that are sure to be the talk of the town.

Classic Cute

You can never go wrong with a classic when it comes to Halloween costumes for dogs and cats. We’re talking pumpkins (a cat-o-lantern, if you will), witches, skeletons, ghosts, mummies, bats, and vampires (fangs already included).

Silly Taste

Some of the funniest Halloween dog costumes (and cats, too!) might just be food-related. We’re not sure what it is about our favorite furry friends dressed up as some of our favorite foods—hot dogs, tacos, bananas, donuts, avocados, sushi, and even a stick of butter—but we’re here for it. They’ll be so irresistible that everyone they pass will want to gobble them right up!

Creepy Claw-ly

Maybe you’re all about putting the spook in spooktacular, and you have an equally mischievous pet who’s ready to wreak a little havoc on the trick or treat trail. A spider or scorpion costume should do the trick (especially as a small dog Halloween costume), or a front-walking dog costume like a clown or Chucky doll. They may be terrifying, but odds are they’ll still be the cutest little terrors you ever did see.

2023’s Greatest Hits

Pop culture, the movie world especially, has provided plenty of inspiration for fresh looks this Halloween. A pet parent dressed up as Barbie or Ken is one thing—but your cat or dog could take it to a whole other level. Western Barbie, Skating Barbie (faux skates recommended unless your pet is extremely talented), Disco Barbie, or even Weird Barbie (or Barbenheimer if you’re really feeling creative) are all on the table and sure to please. Or maybe your pet’s more of a Princess Peach, Mario, or Luigi. The Little Mermaid with a more majestic take on their usual tail could be magical, too.

Perfect Pairs

Last but certainly not least, the only thing better than a cat or dog Halloween costume is a solid group costume that ropes in the whole family. While many of the above costumes could easily expand into group costumes—2023’s Greatest Hits might even be best served that way—there are so many inspirations for cat or dog and owner Halloween costumes all around us. Try recreating a famous painting like American Gothic, The Two Fridas, or anything Bob Ross. Or bringing to life a collection of characters from a favorite book, like a Cheshire Cat costume for cats with Alice, or the Cat in the Hat costume with Thing 1 and Thing 2. Or, when in doubt, as we learned earlier, go with food, always food. PB&Js, s’mores, the list goes on.

Enter for a Chance to Win This Year’s #TrickorTreatThemWell Costume Contest!

Once you’ve planned the perfect cat or dog costume, it’s time to make it a reality—and hopefully make it a winner!

Snap a pic of your dog, cat, or yourself with your dog or cat in costume to enter our second annual #TrickorTreatThemWell Costume Contest. Submit your photo here and you could win $250 worth of tasty Wellness® products!

Feel free to post your photo on Instagram, too. If you tag @wellnesspetfood, your photo may be reposted to our account!

Winners will be chosen based on best costumes and photos. Contest ends 11:59pm EST on 10/31/2023. Open only to US residents 18 years or older. Winner will be directly messaged. Click here for terms and conditions.

Check out last year’s winners for even more inspiration and to see what takes the spooktacular cake around here. We look forward to seeing you and your cat or dog Halloween costumes real soon!

Happy Howl-o-ween and Meowl-o-ween to all!

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