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The 5 Best Dental Chews For Dogs: Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean And Happy

Taking care of your dog’s oral health with healthy dog dental chews is an important part of caring for their wellbeing. Unfortunately, dental disease affects 80% of adult dogs and 96% of senior dogs over the age of 12. As a pet parent, there are numerous things you can do to prevent your dog from suffering from poor oral health, such as brushing its teeth and visiting the vet for dental cleanings. 

One easy way to contribute to your dog’s oral health is to give them a daily dental chew. A good dental treat for dogs should not only help fight the build-up of plaque and tartar but also contain natural ingredients. If you are looking for healthy dental chews for dogs, check out our top five picks. Each of these dental treats is designed with high-quality, natural ingredients that contribute to your dog’s overall health. 

1. WHIMZEES brushzees Natural Daily Dental Chews 


If you are looking for healthy dental chews for dogs, these are a great pick! In fact, WHIMZEES brushzees Natural Daily Dental Chews were voted the best vet-recommended chew on the market. WHIMZEES brushzees are designed to make teeth cleaning a fun experience for your dog. Designed specifically for the way dogs grip and chew, the unique shape of the treats features grooves and ridges that help reduce plaque and tartar. This dog chew shape is the only one with the VOHC seal of acceptance. 

With these dental treats, you can turn playtime into clean teeth and fresh breath. These chews are also available in numerous sizes, which means you can pick the right dental chew for your dog. 

2. WHIMZEES stix Dental Treats 


WHIMZEES stix are dental treats made with natural ingredients. These treats are long-lasting, which means more plaque and tartar are removed from your dog’s teeth than with soft-textured treats. 

The fun stick style of these treats makes it easy for dogs to hold the stick between their paws for a strong doggy grip while they clean those hard-to-reach molars. 

Made with quality ingredients that are tasty and appetizing, this teeth-cleaning chew will feel like a special reward for your canine friend. Give a stix to your dog once a day, and watch as their teeth become cleaner and cleaner. 

3. WHIMZEES puppy Daily Dental Treats 

Puppy Bag

Oral health should start young, but not all adult dental chews are safe for puppies. WHIMZEES puppy Daily Dental Treats are designed specifically for pups three months of age and older. You can use these healthy dental chews as a daily treat to reward your puppy while helping prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar. By helping to support the teething process, these chews ensure that when those first adult teeth grow in, your dog is well on its way toward dental health. 

Specially crafted just for puppies, these treats are softer than adult WHIMZEES stix, which makes them safe for little ones whose teeth are still growing. They contain all natural ingredients and are grain and gluten-free. That means they are also a good option for sensitive puppies. You can pick from two shapes and two sizes, choosing the right reward for your young furry companion. 

4. WHIMZEES Herman the Hedgehog 


For a serious chewer, WHIMZEES Herman the Hedgehog is a great dental chew that will help combat bad breath and reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar. These treats are in the endearing shape of a hedgehog, and the unique shape provides the perfect challenge for serious chewers. That makes them a fan favorite with dogs who tend to chomp down. Your dog will get ample entertainment from chewing on this while the texture works to clean your dog’s teeth. Additionally, the hollowed-out center provides you with space to add an additional treat, such as peanut butter or your dog’s favorite wet food. Using only six primary ingredients, these are a natural and healthy choice.

5. WHIMZEES veggie sausage 

Veggie Sausage

WHIMZEES veggie sausage is a great option for dogs with dietary issues. One of our healthier products, this thin-sized treat is a more nutritious version of a meat stick, that will also help clean teeth in the process. 

Give Your Dog the Treat of Dental Health With the Best Dental Chews 

The best part about dental chews for dogs is that they make it easy to contribute to your dog’s oral health. While brushing your dog’s teeth and taking trips to the vet for dental checkups are also important, a daily dental treat is a healthy way to help your dog’s teeth stay clean. 

Try one of these top healthy dental chews to give your dog the benefit of daily dental cleaning and fun. Can’t choose between the chews? Consider purchasing a variety box and let your dog pick which one it likes best. 

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