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The Best Time To Give Dog Dental Chews

You know how important it is to give your dog a wholesome dental chew each day. It helps keep their teeth strong and healthy and reduces plaque and tartar, which in turn can even have long-term health benefits—like improved heart health and reduction of inflammation which could make issues like diabetes even worse.

But what about the best time to give a dog dental chew? And what are some best practices when giving your dog a dental chew or an occupy chew?

Options of the Best Time to Give Your Dog a Dental Chew

Dr. Danielle Bernal, our resident veterinarian at Wellness Pet Company, weighs in on some ideal times of day pet parents should give a dog dental chew and safety tips to keep in mind with these types of dog treats.

Give the dog a dental chew at the same time you complete a regular habit so you never forget. (Although something tells us your pup will remind you when it’s time for their dental chew each day). Some ideas for the best time to give a dog dental chew include:

  • When you brush your teeth in the morning or night
  • When you make coffee or tea in the morning
  • After your dog’s daily walk
  • When you clean up the kitchen after dinner at night
  • After your dog’s dinner

In general, there is no set guidance about the best time to give dog a dental chew, says Dr. Danielle. “The main thing is whatever times works best for the pet parent so that they deliver consistency of daily treating. It’s important to only give a dental chew once a day.”

Keep these tips in mind when giving your dog a dental chew, from Dr. Danielle:

  • Wellness WHIMZEES can be used as a training option so asking your pup for good behavior or rewarding them for it is encouraged prior to giving the treat.
  • Remember that a dental chew is a treat—a delicious, hard-working one!–so you always want to encourage your dog to eat all of their base nutrition meals to hit their daily nutritional needs.
  • Always watch your dog eat a dental chew. For safe consumption, pet parents should observe if their dog is chewing appropriately. 
  • Ensure you get the right size chew for your dog’s size. Here’s how to choose the right dental chew for your dog.
  • For appropriate chewing, encourage the dog to be calm and in a spot where you can watch them eat the treat. 
  • Make sure your dog has plenty of access to water throughout the day for overall hydration and health.

Now the only tough decision is which Wellness WHIMZEES dental chew to give your dog today.

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