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The Great Dog Biscuits Guide

In case you didn’t already know, dog biscuits are hard, crunchy treats for dogs that come in a variety of flavors. They serve as dietary supplements for dogs and serve the same function to dogs as snacks do to humans. Just as with human snacks, not all are created equally.

It’s important for dog parents to know what the best ingredients are for dog biscuits for your dog’s pleasure and overall health, how best to store them for freshness, and what some of the most popular flavors are.

What Makes Great Dog Biscuits?

Since we’ve established what they are and what function they serve to your dog, the question then becomes what makes a great dog biscuit?

Just like with your snacks, your dog wants a biscuit that is a treat, a reward…super delicious! But like you, your dog needs a biscuit that’s not chock full of artificial ingredients or unhealthy additives that will cause weight gain or negatively impact his overall health.

Thus, great dog biscuits are the healthiest that you can find that are also full of delicious flavor (more on that in a minute). According to the American Kennel Club, a leading authority on all things canine, the healthiest are those made with the same natural ingredients as your regular dog food recipes.

Look for dog biscuit ingredient lists that are free of:

  • Artificial sweeteners (such as xylitol)
  • Rendered fats
  • Corn or wheat gluten
  • Propylene glycol (PG)
  • BHA
  • BHT
  • Ethoxyquin
  • Food dyes
  • Meat and grain meals and animal by products

Do look for dog biscuit ingredients that contain:

  • Key vitamins, amino acids, proteins, and fibers (peanut butter is great for this)
  • Dog-friendly fruits or vegetables like pumpkin, apples, carrots, sweet potato, or cheese
  • Oat flour

These are going to be the healthiest treats and are the ones that you want to give your dog.

How to Choose: Healthy & Delicious

It really is important to make sure that the treats you get are made with good ingredients. A simple Google search of the worst ingredients for them will reveal that some biscuits are actually responsible for causing illness and death in dogs. This is why natural, even in savory biscuits, is the only way you should go when it comes to your dog.

When it comes to finding something delicious, of course, you’re not going to try your dog’s food (we assume), but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some really solid educated guesses on what your dog will love.

Best All Around Dog Biscuits

Use your dog’s favorite meal as a template. Does your dog like ultra-hearty and savory dishes? There are so many options in terms of fun and flavor.

For example, Old Mother Hubbard Bits of Love is seasonal Valentine’s Day dog biscuit. These adorable sweet treats come in the famous P-Nuttier flavor (a canine favorite) and are shaped like hearts! The peanut butter and molasses flavor of these treats not only makes for a great go-to biscuit but is also a delicious treat for Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of the P-Nuttier flavor, the classic Old Mother Hubbard P-Nuttier oven-based dog biscuits come in mini, small, and large sizes. This iconic flavor savors of peanut butter (of course), molasses, apples, and carrots. These strike the perfect balance between deliciousness and health.

If your dog isn’t as big on sweet and fruity flavors, then the Old Mother Hubbard Original Assortment is the one you want to try. This assortment comes in four fantastic flavors: original, chicken, cheddar, and char tar®. Real wheat, oats, eggs, apples, and carrots go into making these classic treats.

Best for Dogs that Want a High-Protein Treat

Meaty biscuits, anyone? Something like Wellness CORE Healthy Joints will hit the spot. Inside of the grain-free crunchy biscuit is real meaty marrow…nothing artificial whatsoever.

Best Dog Biscuits For Senior Dogs

Is your dog sprouting a few white hairs? Dogs enter their senior years at (and sometimes before) around seven years. If your dog is a breed that is predisposed to hip and joint issues, then the Old Mother Hubbard Hip & Joint treats are the best for senior dogs to help support their health.

These are made with the same natural and delicious ingredients as other treats by the same veteran biscuit baker, Old Mother Hubbard, but they’re also infused with healthful nutrients like glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate, key for joint and hip mobility.

Best Biscuits For Dogs That Have Sensitive Gums

For dogs that have special dietary needs or that are younger or older, certain recipes are more suitable. Like we said earlier, they are usually crunch treats, but just like a cookie, biscuits can be made softer. Puppies and senior dogs with more sensitive gums might enjoy something like Old Mother Hubbard’s Soft & Tasty Biscuits more than other options. They still come in delicious flavors like Beef & Sweet Potato.

Storage Process:

Now that you have an idea of the many options that are out there and what you should look for in a biscuit, you need to know how to store them because you certainly don’t want them getting stale.

Opinions vary on how long dog food and dog biscuits last once opened, but the most conservative assessment by experts is two weeks. You can discern freshness based on odor.

The best bet is to store in an air-tight container. To be even more conservative, put the container in the fridge once the package has been opened. This will extend the life of your treats considerably.

The key is that the container is airtight. If you are buying your dog soft biscuits, the refrigerator will preserve freshness more.

The more natural the biscuit, the more important proper storage is; you don’t want them to spoil. Never give your dog spoiled biscuits.

Freshness is key for flavor and for preserving the integrity of natural ingredients in your dog’s biscuits. They are wonderful treats; they’re a healthy and fun addition to your dog’s diet if you buy some that are in tune with the same nutritional standards you apply for your dog’s regular diet.

Celebrate your favorite canine today by finding the perfect dog biscuit just for them. Wellness Pet Food and Old Mother Hubbard believe your dog’s joy in eating is just as important as their health, which is why they’re made delicious with natural ingredients…to guarantee your dog is happy and healthy!

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