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Tips for Pet-Friendly Travel

Gearing up for summer travel with your pup?? At Wellness Pet we want pet parents to enjoy a life of wellbeing with their furry friends, which includes time spent traveling together. Take a moment to relax and feel prepared with these tips to keep your routine in-check and help you both stay happy and healthy – no matter where you go:

1. Bring a piece of home on the road with you. Make sure to pack your dog’s favorite chew toy, blanket, or bowl as you’re getting ready for your next trip. The familiar scent and sense of comfort will help your dog feel more confident in this new environment and help you both better enjoy your time on the road together. If you’re traveling by car, consider packing your dog’s comfy bed.

2. Treat them well. If you have to leave your dog behind in your hotel room or rental for a period of time, treat them well by filling a Kong with an Old Mother Hubbard® by Wellness treat. And don’t let your dental care routine slide.  Pack one WHIMZEES® by Wellness dental treat for every day you’re traveling to help reduce plaque, tartar and bad breath.

3. Routine & schedule. Maintain a sense of schedule no matter where you go to better enjoy your time with your dog. Try to stick to your usual routine – timing out potty breaks, mealtime and walks as you would at home. This sense of familiarity will help your dog while exploring new areas together!

4. Explore the city with your furry friend! Exploring a new city is great for you and your dog to do together. Take in the historical sites or walk by the water before you hit a dog-friendly restaurant for dinner. Plus, an extra-long walk might help Fido wind down as you head back to your lodging for a good night’s sleep.

5. Stay hydrated. Don’t forget to keep that water bottle and travel bowl with you, especially when you’re on the go!  In hot weather, dogs typically need 3 to 4 times the normal amount of water depending on their size and activity level. Try the Bonza Collapsible Dog Bowl for your next trip.  Staying in a rental with access to a kitchen and freezer?  Try these super easy and delicious Pupsicles for an extra special treat!

6.  Keep anxiety at bay.  If your pet gets anxious as soon as they see the luggage come out of the closet, don’t fret.  Wellness Calm Relaxation Support daily supplements are scientifically formulated to support relaxation, calmness and composure for dogs with normal stress.  Fourth of July fireworks can also be a triggering event for our furry friends.  Adding a Wellness Supplement into your dog’s daily routine is a great way to help them stay happy and healthy.

7. Sometimes, being an over-packer is a good thing. Whether it’s your dog’s food, medicine or other needs, make sure to pack at least two extra days’ worth of supplies for your furry friend. These extras will give you peace of mind while you focus on the upcoming adventures you will share with your pet. Don’t let travel delays get in the way of enjoying your time together.

We love seeing your summer adventures – tag us @wellnesspetfood and show us how you’re enjoying a life of wellbeing together with your pet this season!

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