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Tired Of Bad Dog Breath? Try Dental Chews

Bad breath in dogs is both unpleasant and—worse—can be indicative of oral health problems. The cause of bad dog breath can most often be attributed to poor oral hygiene, and your furry friend’s stinky breath can be addressed with oral health care and delicious dog dental chews.


Bad dog breath is—as noted—not very pleasant. We love our dogs, but if your dog’s slobbery kisses have gone from sweet to putrid, it might be time to examine the cause behind your canine companion’s bad breath woes.

Bad dog breath has a couple of causes:

  • Poor oral hygiene: Gum disease, tooth decay, and oral infections can be causal in bad breath in dogs. And while dogs whose care involves regular brushing and dental chews can still experience bad breath, foul-smelling breath can be reflective of poor oral health. Neglecting a dog’s oral healthcare can lead to far more serious conditions.
  • Disease: Though far less common, bad dog breath could be caused by kidney or liver disease, so if you maintain impeccable oral care with your dog with regular teeth brushing and a daily dental chew but still have a problem with bad dog breath, check with your veterinarian.


Most often, bad dog breath is just a reflection of the need for more attention to oral hygiene. Proper oral healthcare can be the addressed with:

  1. Teeth brushing. Your dog’s bad breath can be improved with regular teeth brushing. Brushing your dog’s teeth is a great practice for keeping your dog’s teeth clean, and for possibly preventing bigger health issues down the road.
  2. Dog dental chews. Dog dental chews or dental treats will help clean your dog’s teeth while they think they’re simply gnawing on a delicious treat. Dental chews are easy and fun for your dog to eat. And if you take a moment to find the right size and style of chew for your dog, your dog will enjoy eating their dental chew without realizing that they’re doing something very good for their teeth, gums, breath, and overall wellbeing.


You may be wondering how dog dental chews can help prevent bad dog breath, and it’s actually very clever. Dental chews scrape your dog’s teeth while your dog chews and gnaws on the dental treat, working much like a toothbrush.

While dental chews should be used in addition to tooth brushing (ideally), dental chews do a lot of work with little effort on your part or your dog’s part (and they’re tasty!).

By scraping away plaque and tartar, one of the key causes of bad breath, your dog’s breath will freshen as their oral health care is supported.

Bear in mind that just as with buying your own treats and toothbrushes or other dog food, what you give your dog matters. All dog dental treats aren’t created equally. Find out if your dog dental chew is effective by checking the Veterinary Oral Health Council site. If your product is listed, then you’re in the clear to give it to your dog to help treat their bad breath and to keep their mouth healthy and happy.

Bad dog breath is very unpleasant, but with the support of dog dental chews, you can help your dog keep their teeth and gums clean and their breath fresh. Wellness WHIMZEES brushzees dental chews are accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council, and offer a natural, delicious dog treats that helps your dog’s breath and oral health. Discover dental dog treats and start improving your dog’s bad breath.

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