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Top 10 Springtime Adventures to Enjoy With Your Dog

Get Outside and Get Active With Your Dog in Spring

Happy Active Dog Month! Spring has finally sprung, and your dog is likely leaping out the door to enjoy as many dog friendly activities in the sunshine as possible. Let them—and go with them!

Warmer Weather, Fresh Air and Exercise

When it comes to dogs and spring, the warmer weather, fresh air and exercise is not only fun for pets and necessary for their wellbeing—it’s fun and necessary for our wellbeing as pet owners, too. So get out there and enjoy the springtime and its longer, sun-soaked days!

Whether you’re ready to exercise, socialize or mix it up with a bit of both after one long winter, we’ve got a list of 10 fun activities to do with your dog that will put a smile on you and your pooch’s face.

10 Ideas for Springtime Dog Adventures

1. Take a Daily Walk – Get in the rhythm of a springtime dog walk (or two!) every day. Better yet, make it a daily gratitude walk. Dogs in spring will want to take time to stop and smell the roses, tulips and all those fresh flowers springing up. You will, too!

2. Hit the Hiking Trail – Go off-road to take in the great outdoors on a springtime hike with your dog. In the woods, around a lake, wherever the dog-friendly trails near you lead. Your pup will enjoy all the new smells of the trail and you can both bathe in the natural sights, sounds and sunshine.

3. Have a Ball at the Dog Park – Spend a morning or afternoon letting your BFF run around with friends new and old at a local springtime dog park, while you get a little social hour in with fellow pet owners.

4. Set Up a Backyard Agility Course – Make your own backyard a dog friendly spring destination with a DIY agility course. Activities to do with your dog could include jumping over a broomstick, going through a box tunnel, and weaving in and out of garden stake poles. This fun for your pet can provide plenty of physical and mental exercise for your dog in the spring weather, not to mention teamwork and bonding time for you both.

5. Enjoy a Picnic in the Park – Pack up for a little local pet friendly spring getaway at the park! Parks are a fun spot to run and play—and with all that exercise, you and pup have got to eat, too! Kick back on a blanket and refuel with a few special treats like Wellness® Complete Health Puppy Bites or Wellness® Complete Health Rewarding Life.

6. Park It on a Patio – Mix up your usual outdoor routine with a walk to a local dog friendly spring destination like a coffee shop, restaurant or brewery for some socializing, people-watching and puppy-petting.

7. Be a Couple of Beach Bums – Be it a river, ocean, lake or a stream, find any nearby body of water and walk or lounge around it for a refreshing change of scenery on a springtime dog beach. If it’s not too chilly, your dog may even want to dip in a toe or more!

8. Pack Up and Go Camping – Get away from it all with a night under the stars and your favorite adventure pup at your side. If a tent and sleeping bag isn’t you or your dog’s style, you can always choose a comfy hotel in a fun location for a memorable pet friendly spring getaway.

9. Plan a Play Date – It’s fun for pets to have fun with other pets! Make intentional time for your dog to spend time with other doggie friends they know and love. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your own backyard, at a friend’s house, at the park or on a dog-friendly trail, as long as they’re having fun in the sun together.

10. Do a Spa Day – Bring out the hose and puppy pool—and plenty of towels—for your dog to splash around and shake off all the winter floof, followed by a good brushing once they’re nice and sun-dried. Maybe even a spring dog pic sesh while they’re looking fresh!

Stay Safe and Healthy During Activities With Dogs in Springtime

While you and your canine companion are out enjoying all these dog friendly spring excursions, it’s important to keep a few things in mind about this exciting new season so you can keep the fun activities for pets going all season long.

Be on the Lookout for Ticks

We’re not the only ones looking forward to coming out in this warmer weather! Ticks feel the same way and can ruin our springtime fun. They can carry dangerous infectious diseases that can be passed on to both you and your dog. So always check yourself and your dog for ticks after going outside, especially in the countryside. While you’re at it, thoroughly run your hand over your dog’s body checking for lumps or bumps (and don’t forget the inside of their ears!).

Keep Out of the Garden

As tempting as it may be to tiptoe through the tulips on a springtime adventure, keep you and your dog’s interactions with blooming gardens to a sniff. You don’t want to trample any flowers, but you more so want your dog to avoid eating any snail bait or plants that could cause upsets, from a mild tummy ache to a more serious poisoning.

Get Support for Seasonal Allergies

If you or your pup feel a bit itchy or agitated after a springtime outing, you may be dealing with a case of seasonal allergies. Just like us, our dogs can react to pollens and other environmental allergies—many of which are in full swing during spring. If you notice more scratching, excessive shedding or licking than usual from your dog in spring, a supplement like Wellness® Shield can help provide springtime allergy support.

Try the Perfect Products for Extra Springtime Energy

With all these springtime dog activities, you also want to make sure your dog’s diet can keep up with all the energy that’s about to be used out and about. New Wellness® CORE+ has freeze-dried pieces of protein that can keep your dog fueled for the day, excited about mealtime and showing the 5 Signs of Wellbeing™. A supplement like Wellness® Move can also support joint health for an active spring and beyond.

Have a Happy, Active Spring!

With a head full of new springtime adventures and a heart full of joy to experience them with your best furry friend, we hope you’re feeling more inspired than ever to get out there and get active with your dog in spring. Whether it’s for a few minutes or a few hours at a time, there are a lot of good days and good times to be had in the season ahead. Enjoy the springtime!

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